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This is a repost from my LiveJournal, at the end, after the pictures, I'll have a list of what I purchased and where I purchased it from, as well as the cost.

"Like the mood says, I'm bored. What better to do than bored than make something in Second Life?

This all got started by me visiting a newly favorite skin shop, called "Frick." I found them through a blog I read, and was instantly in love with the fact the creator's prices for skins is actually REASONABLE. And she has a lot of older, but still nice skins, for fucking CHEAP.

I can't remember how much the skin that spawned this idea was, and it's no longer available, but it was probably L$10. So I've had this sitting in my inventory for a few months, waiting on me to do something with it.

And I finally did, starting the night before last.

I wandered off to Grendel's Children, and purchased on of the horn packs. Grendel's is, as always, cheap, and so I picked up more than just the horns I was looking for. They were L$5 anyway, no huge deal to get more than the horns. I recolored then to match the skin I was wearing, and the logged into my old account to get a name for a shop that wasn't coming up in search so I could get some nice digitigrade legs.

Luckily, the shop was still around. Different, but still there. Titania's Court sells really nice goat/faun legs, so I purchased a set in white. I was sad that the undergarment which blends the legs into the body was no mod, but I made due. I de-fluffed the legs, and recolored them.

Basically, the only thing left is the tail. It's simple enough: a flexi-prim cone. They don't wag during the idle animation, so that was even easier and meant I didn't have to fight with a wag script. A very quick custom texture for the outside, and poof, tail that looks close to the original.

I threw on some pretties, and here's a couple pictures of the result. Keep in mind, I'm still working on getting the legs to look as seamless as I can, but I'm overall pleased with it.

More project reports to come. :)"

Skin: Frick Blue Fantasy Skin (no longer in the store)
Eyes: Frick, came from the same purchase as the skin
Horns: Grandel's Children Hornset Pack - L$5
Hair: Sirena Rhianna in Aqua (Ocean color pack) - L$195 (for 4 colors)
Legs: Titania's Court Faun legs in Snow - L$600
Outfit: Fracta Universalis Aurora Silks - L$500

Other things I'm wearing are undergarments to hide the skin's "bits" and a custom made tail, as I described above.

Now, there IS a similar skin in the store still, and it's with the discounts. The "Snow Fairy" skin is a lighter blue, but should be passable for a draenai (some of the skin tones are almost white!)

This has inspired me to try and make something looking closer to the original, but for now, this should get you by.

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