RL :: My new dog, Chen

A few days ago, my fiance purchased a Lhasa Apso puppy for me from the breeder I groom for. I've known this dog since he was born, literally.

We've named him Chen, and he is an awesome little pup. :3

Dog Pics~

(Katie took this one)

(I took this using Katie's camera)

(Katie also took this one)

(Jon took this a couple days ago with my iPhone, while he was laying in my lap)

(After a little haircut!)

(Passed out at work, on Christmas Eve.)

(And a Mika so we don't leave her out.. :3)


WoW :: Cataclysmic

Okay, so, moving on from Second Life...

The third WoW expansion, Cataclysm, is out. Unless you've been living under a rock, you probably know this if you have any interest in WoW... or watch certain TV stations where the commercial was played. Many, many times.

When Azeroth was shattered in patch 4.0.3a, basically all Cata content was actually installed on the WoW viewer. I didn't even have to install the DVD's information, just put in my key and poof, I can play Cata content. This makes me happy.

My first order of business was to check out the worgen starting area. Then I decided that I'd delete my current DK on Bronzebeard and make a worgen DK. Then a tauren paladin. And a tauren priest. And a worgen priest. My altaholism is in full swing.

Then, I started leveling my paladin. Holy. Shit. (at the time) 16k health is BARELY enough to take on a single mob in the Cata zones, and thank God for Lay on Hands, since it's saved my ass a few times.

What also saved my ass was my fiance coming in on his spriest, Armenius. He can 3 shot these mobs. ._.;;

"Respec Holy, nub!" Yeah, yeah, I would but... No gear. Everything I have is for ret. I'm still getting a hang on managing Holy Power, but I'm getting more used to it. It's very different, I'll just say that and leave it there. This is all the -leveling- I have done since the change.

Still, I'm leveling slowly as usual. Taking lots of breaks, lots of /afk time, and lots of "Fuck it. I'm going to work on (alt)."

So, I'll update as I feel like it, as I've always done with the blog. Maybe pictures next time. :D


WoW :: #3

Time for something not depressing...


80 #3! My little belfadin finally got there tonight. Finally, and 80 that's not a shaman!

... No, I am not using a single fucking add-on. I'm too lazy to go download everything again. I was more interested in getting her to 80 before 4.0.3a. :x

Screen shot 2010-11-23 at 5.33.14 AM


WoW :: Oh hell yes...

It stuck! Indoor ghost wolf! Hell yes, now I can run away better. :D



WoW :: Brewfest!

I love Brewfest. I like Dwarves. Tauren are my Horde race, Dwarves are my Alliance one. Xan is ttly becoming a dwarf as soon as she can.


I'm drunk and got the Great Brewfest Kodo and Direbrew's Bloody Shanker in my Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest tonight. :3 (And a Tankard 'o Terror, but I was generously gifted two already from my guild! :3)

I got the ram last year, but on old!Xant, who is now Misae again, and will probably have to change names when I finally move her...

(...WoWHead widget thingy coming soon, when I'm not lazy!)

EDIT: Awesome, just won Coren's Chromium Coaster. :D Such a nice holiday for me.


WoW :: Finally...

I haven't made a WoW post in a long time but...

I have, finally, gotten 80 #2. Yes, it's my other shaman. Both my 80s are dual specced enh/resto shaman. One is a Tauren, one is a Draenei (soon dwarf).

... Totally did not realize my UI recording was turned off still. :p


SL :: D'Amantru Industries In-World Store Now Open!

The D'Amantru Industries store is now open!


The building is actually a skybox from *PASH*, but it works for my little store. There will be some "hangout" space here, at and around the store. I just need to get it all put together, but shopping is open. :3


About Me :: My Icon, My Child

That's what I use as an icon... Pretty much everywhere that isn't a furry art site. (Or my FB and twitter...)

Anytime I can use an icon, be it on a guild forum or whatever, that little kitty face is there.

That pictures, which I sadly do not have the original of anymore (unless it's hiding) if of my cat, Emi, as she hung out in my bedroom window one day. ... And yes, it's been 'shopped a bit. But it was still one of my favorite pictures of her. She just looks so... Emi.

Emi came into my life when she was about 4 and a half months old, having either been dropped off, or escaped, and then trying to make friends with the guy who owned the business I worked for at the time. He already had 5-6 cats, and he wife had threatened to divorce him if he brought home any more. So, here he was, standing outside of the business, when this little gray with white fluff comes over to him, sits down next to him, and puts her paws on his legs and gives him that "I'm pitiful" look.

He picked her up, considered it, then knew that his current feline kids would be better off if he -didn't- go through a divorce. So he walks to the front of the building, and I'm in there, tagging clothes (this was a dry cleaning business), and he has this... fuzz. He points to her, as he walks past the front door, and mouths "Do you want a cat?!"

... Oh Boy. I had never had a cat in my life. Ever. It had always been dogs, and the only cats I really knew were like... my friend, Banrai's. But having cat friends is not the same as having a cat kid.

But hey, I had a Lhasa mix at home, and Lhasa Apso's are cat like, right? That surely counts for something! So I called my mom, to see if we could bring this cat, a little girl, home "just for the weekend." My mom convinced, I drove home that night with this kitten laying in my lap, it was November of 2002, and the last year I had my Buick. She'd spent the rest of my work day in the bathroom, as I had no where else to keep her, but luckily, it was only like 3 hours. Once home, we quickly ran to the only place open and close, which was the IGA for some cheap cat litter and food for her. A shallow-ish plastic bin was placed on the floor, and she was trying to potty in it before we had the litter in.

Being as I did have the Lhasa, and our older, ailing Cavalier mix at home, she slept with me the first few mights. Neither dog had ever been exposed to cats. Bandit, the Cavalier, was always staring at her with this "If I was a little younger..." look, but she would just hang out around him, especially his last few months. Max, the Lhasa, tolerated her, like he did with pretty much everything else.

But that's the story of my first kid coming home. :3

Oh, and her name? My favorite character from DDR.

Gonna be scarce the next few days. Moving out tomorrow, and finishing up the trip back on Friday, then being drug off on a road trip on Saturday.


WoW :: But I LIKE beating things to death.. :|

So, as I draw closer to 80 (74 atm), I realize that, as usual, melee dps overwhelms ranged. As an Enhancement shaman, melee is my thing.

Which means I have to go elemental, which I have never touched outside of dumping my last few points into the tree or considered except for "lolthunderstorm pvp," or resto, which is Misae's offspec that I almost never play and her gear shows it.

I don't -like- ranged. I'd rather be in someone's face wailing on them. I don't like healing because it makes me nervous, considering some of the d-bags that play this game and I don't -really- like being yelled at.

And many people don't like being around someone "learning." I don't know how to heal that well and reading about how2ele just doesn't work for me.


._. What to do...

Edit, 5am the next day: 75, yay. I have now surpassed my Pally on Executus. 5 more levels... ._. At least I have more than enough money to get my epic flying, cold weather flying and still have gold left over once I hit 77.


SL :: Shoes~

So, Eversky Aeon over at The Pony Store released some sculpted shoes for her sculpted hooves! :3

I just had to trot (...lol) right over and grab them! :)

(Pardon my giant assed invisiprim there. My hooves are very small, and Emerald hasn't been updated to use alpha layers that everyone can see yet.)


They're very cute, and perfect for my av. I was missing the silver flash when I walked with my old hooves.

Edit: Just as a comparison, here are my previous hooves, and my current ones, side by side.


My mesh foot is sticking out in the middle of the old hoof, so that's the strange purple there.


SL :: Hoofies

One thing that bugged me about my avatars hooves was the long assed toes of the AVentity equine. Looked like an OTTB...

So when I was looking at stuff yesterday, I found a set of sculpted hooves from Eversky Aeon.

They were cheap, so I grabbed them.

They're so cute. ._.




These are basically out of the box, I just scaled them to fit my av (they were made for the Hoof It horse) and colored them purple. :3

She may make shoes for them, so I will by a happy pony if she does.


SL :: I actually finished a project!

I was determined to finish this one.

As I've previously said, I just love halters on my horse avs. The Uchi Pony... Does not have any made. So I put one together.


Most of the chains are from a kit from [NOVA]. The remaining prims are regular, trusty torus prims, pulled and squished in various ways.

I made it VERY close fitting. My av's muzzle is slightly thinner than the standard size, as well as having taken the cheeks down a bit. But I should be able to scale it up to fit an av that's basically *remove Kani nose, add pony muzzle.*

I've not been this active in SL since I started, and I think this is considerably more than that, since I'd never actually built anything from scratch like this, and my modification ability was... well... undeveloped. I will add some actual textures soon, but for now, it's shiny leather.

I guess I'm finally starting to make the shit I should have made years back. :p


SL :: zomg

I went to buy a Kani (rabbit) from Uchi's "Curious Inc." I have loved this bunny since it was released. Imagine my surprise when I looked at the random freebies he sets out, to see "Free Pony Muzzle for Kani (for modders)."

Me: "Holy shit wait what?"

As with the Felis, just left clicking the box gives me a folder with the contents of the box. Inside is a FULL PERM muzzle for a pony, and a full perm texture for said muzzle. Full perm is awesome since it means I can save the texture and use it as my base.

I'm having some trouble with the torus for the area behind the eyes, but I'm also half asleep, so I'll have some updates "later" or the retexturing.

Those ears, by the way, are the ears from the Kani. I just scaled them down and stopped the scripts so they won't snap back to their original positions (as the eyes for the Felis and Ringtail tend to do if you move them). I'll pokse around at them more later to. Even those they look a little "mule"-ish, I kinda like them. :D

(... I've also been on a mule kick lately. >__>)

Now, this doesn't mean my plan to make my own avatar head is scrapped. I'll keep working on it... or rather START on it... once I can get the programs I need to run running.

Next day edit: I sent a message to Uchi for help on how to re-texture the "problem prim, and he suggested trying a grid and building from there.

Fucking duh.

I'm the world's worst art student, and even THAT should have occurred to me before. *facepalm*

Uchi, if you ever stop by and read this, thank you again!

Later Edit:
Updated Sno Av
I has a happy. This turned out pretty damn cute. I will probably detail a bit how I did things... But later. After I can get Flickr upgraded, so I can have more pictures.


WoW :: Huh, never noticed that before... & A "..D'oh!" moment

I noticed something about the Celestial Steed... Other than slightly floppy looking and not completely natural movements.

If you have your shadow quality turned up, you will notice that the CS's shadow looks really strange. This is because it's only casting shadows from the armored pieces and the saddle.

Also, my draenei's butt doesn't sit in the saddle. I'm floating. :|

I would provide pics of this except for one little problem, which is the mentioned "D'oh!" moment: my Flickr account is almost full. >< Now, if I can get this art project finished and some of the pieces sold, I will actually be able to afford to upgrade it ($24.95 for a year). I'll probably just eat the cost an upgrade it anyway, then write it off to myself as a "business" expense. My Flickr is part of this blog, and this blog will someday show off more things I'm making and selling so... Yeah.

In the mean time, while not working on the art, I've gone back to Bronzebeard and picked up one of the toons I had abandoned there, as well as restarting a shaman. Yes, Alliance. I may be a Hordie at heart, but I don' mind playing for the other side to see the story from their point of view.

Part of the problem I had with making my original shaman Alliance was I remembered everything I'd done leveling her as a Tauren. Honest to God, it didn't feel right. Yeah, it was the fastest way to get an Alliance 80 that WASN'T a DK short of breaking the rules and getting one off eBay... But I wasn't comfortable with it. Nostalgia every time I went through a Horde area... And my first fall off TB should have been with her still as a cow.

Anyway... I'm currently working on my little hunter, who's gained 4 levels in short time, and when not working on her, I reused the name Xantara for my shaman, and she's currently level 15.

(Enhancement, of course. :p)

All my toons are guildless right now. I don't know if they want me back in Over It, though I've said "Hi" to a couple of the members when I've seen them around, and then there's the fact it's not really a leveling guild...

I'll find one eventually.


SL :: Snowhawk av update

This thing will be a work in progress for a long time, me thinks...

Update - 1
So I poked at it a little more today. One of the things that had been bothering me was how tall my av was, and, as I've mentioned, I prefer a shorter avatar. I pulled off the top few prims of the hoof so it would sit lower on my foot. I understand why Meph did the foot the way she did but... Not preferred for me. (I tend to forget to take off shoe bases, or I'll accidentally replace them.)

Update - 2
I'll eventually find an equine or other ungulate leg that I like (thinking maybe the leg on the DSD ram), but for now I have a re-textured leg from the Tokushi Chinese Crested. Super fluffy! <3 (That texture isn't the greatest, but I'm half asleep and did it in like 10 minutes. x_x)

Update - 3
While pulling parts from the Chinese Crested, I decided to try the arm fluff from it. Really like how cute it is, so, she gets that too. :3


SL :: Proportions

The ratio of the human "wingspan" (fingertip to fingertip) to the human height is typically 1:1. If you're not sure of how ratio works, that goes (x unit) to (y unit). For an example (sorry, I'm bringing World of Warcraft into this, since it's convenient and in my bookmarks), the ratio of ACTIVE Alliance to Horde on my realm, Executus, is 1:1.5. This means for every alliance character, there are 1 and a half Hordies (okay, not really a half, but you get the idea. I could say for every 2 Alliance, there are 3 Horde and that's make more sense). On the Cho'gall realm, the ratio is 1:14.3. (Cho'gall Alliance is Hardmode WoW. I have a lot of respect for them.)

Anyway... Humans are, with a few exceptions, roughly 1:1. A few inches/centimeters here or there isn't much, and not enough to really tell.

But on SL, there's a really big problem. No one seems to realize just how SHORT their arms are, or how damn log their legs are! Okay, well, not no one, but a LOT of people. Even I suspected it, but I wasn't sure. Was I in for a shock today when I went to see.

Now, I got to looking because of a few things... When ever spring rolls around, I remember from make incidents with the other girls at school that the fingertips on a human normally sit at about mid thigh. This was the line where that our shorts and skirts couldn't be any higher than. When I see all these female avatars on SL with their asses hanging out, I always think of that. That thought reminds me of a visit to the Knoxville Zoo after they opened new birds of prey exhibits and compared bird wingspans to humans. There was a footnote about arm to height ratio on the display, and for some reason, I tend to remember random crap like that.

Finally, as I have spent more time on the grid, I'm noticing a lot of short arms.

Then I got to thinking mine are too short, so I hopped up on a pose stand... (FoxLabs has a great, 6-pose stand for free. Link to the XStreet listing at the end of the post.)

Arm Length 1

...Hrm. Well, lets find out.

Arm Length 2
I made a standard, everyday box and drug it to the center of my avatar. I used a point on my virtual breastbone to line it up with the center, but a pixel or too off isn't important. I raised it to the pads of my feet, then I stretched the box up and too the top of my head.

Then I turned it sideways...

Arm Length 3
Oh my... :x

My arms were sitting at 58 on the slider.

I hopped off the pose stand, leaving the box in place, and went in to edit my appearance. (Tip: Click on the image above the slider to raise the value by 10.)

I tried raising it by 15... then 20... then 25...

Arm Length 4
Raising it by 30 is what it took.

Arm Length 5
The result is better, but I may try knocking back the arm size a bit and raising my hand size a little. My hands are sitting at 25.

(Edit: I did cnock the arm length back by 5, but increase the hand size by 10. It's an improvement, I'm just too damn lazy to take another screen shot. :3 )

... I notice a LOT of size 0 hands around too, on non-furries even. Most furry paws are made for size 0 hands, so it's not uncommon for us to run around with small hands if we take our paws off. Most of them never know about hand size since the never edit their basic shape.

Basically, just take a look at your proportions, especially if you're an Amazon. Go hide somewhere that you can rez objects in, take off your hair and your shoes (system shoes too!) and take a look. You might be surprised at what you find.

Pose Stand (It is ONE prim.)

(I am wearing the AVentity Husky in white, but with my standard Snowhawk shape. I am working on learning recolors for this avatar and the other AVentity avatars.)


More Modding

Well, I've not fixed the head textures just yet, but I have done a few things to the Snowhawk avatar (which I've been spending most of my time on).

First, I bought a halter. Horses and halters have always gone together in my mind, so I always have to buy one for any equine av I have. I remember BEGGING and PRAYING I would win a halter for my Hoof It! Pony avatar at the release party, and I did! I wasn't so lucky a few months later... But even that one got a halter eventually.

Anyway. I may have mentioned I considerably shortened the muzzle on the mare. And then I made it shorter. It's fantasy, I can have a short muzzle, damnit.

Anyway, this made fitting the halter... a pain in the ass. But I did it.


For comparison, this is the same halter, before editing, on the same avatar, before editing...


Yes, mine looks much thicker because I scaled it down so much I couldn't shrink the size of the ropes anymore. Future project? Hell yes. One more for the list.

Anyway, moving down...

I had once bought one of these tails on my Samiya account, way back when one of the Pony clubs I used to rent from was still around. Before I ever rented there. I miss that place, the people were awesome... Anyway, I did find that Yina Yao still had a store, with even more stuff, and so I had to pick up one of her wonderfully fluffy tails.


These tails are scripted to touch, and can animate the wearer too. Very fun. :) They're also scripted for color change, as well as differing bases.

Finally, I shod myself. The one I'm currently wearing until I can mod the fancier ones I bought are from Rose Evans, but I couldn't find a store LM for her. You can find them on the top floor of the Sale Barn at the FPC (yes, I had to go back, after all the crap that happened, to buy my damn shoes).


Simple, but effective. Coupled with the Pony Productions Hoofprinter (which leaves particle prints and makes a walking sound), I have fun. I don't wear the Hoofprinter everywhere, only at home and when I forget to take it off... :3

Now, you may notice a new horn in that first image. I purchased a sculpty horn and claw builder's kit from Invisible Designs (by Invisible Homewood), since it was well prices... and I can't be bothered to make a sculpty for my horn right now. This one looks much more like the one I draw on her usually. It's also got a very, very soft glow, and is somewhat transparent... And full bright, which I'd neglected to turn on. Yeah, my character's horn glows. I'm a bit of a sparkle dog (...mare) at heart.

Also, in all the images of the modded avatar, I'm wearing a slightly modded "Layla" from Sirena Hair. I streatched the medium size, since it was just a TAD too small, and the large was too big, then I moved the bangs a bit, since they covered my eyes. :)

I'm going to go back and update the previous AVentity avatar post in shortly, since I FINALLY got the images uploaded to Flickr.



Still working on getting pics together for the last review. I've been busy with another project...

Which I'm gonna show you here!

So, as I said, I got some L$ for my birthday, and I send some to Snowhawk so I could get her an Aventity horse av. Again, these aren't the ideal avs for this character, but I can make them work.

This is what I got:

Simple, white horse av.

First things first, change the shape! ... And wow did I look weird. Again, this is a tall av, 7'5", so the attachments are big. Scaling them down was easy, then some adjustments to where everything was situated. I detailed how I go about making the feet, leg, and arm/hand attachments even sizes when I did the Rez Fantasy kirin av, so I won't go into that again. (Too lazy to do it again. :p)

Now, my character is VERY purple. Like.. All over. Except her eyes and horn. And a little white snip on her nose. But she's not just -purple-, she's grullo... Just purple.

Which means I had to retexture everything.

Let me tell you... the addition of the "Temporary" textures saved me a LOT of L$. I was constantly playing around with everything, went through three versions of the eye textures for the head... and only spent L$100 for my uploads. That's all I added. 10 textures.

The skin is three (4 if you count the "mature" version), then four for the head, one for the ears, and a flat color for the attachments, since I just did the barring she one on the skin.

It's not perfect, the face isn't quite what I wanted, and the transition between the head and body isn't quite right.

But still, this is my first major modification project where I did everything. Even retexturing the Hoof It's was easier since I had instructions.




The skin is based off one of the open source skins (Another), and I didn't have to do much to them other than add the base and lighten most of the details. Then I added the markings and fiddled around until the seams matched up as best as I could get them.

It was a fun little project. :)