More Modding

Well, I've not fixed the head textures just yet, but I have done a few things to the Snowhawk avatar (which I've been spending most of my time on).

First, I bought a halter. Horses and halters have always gone together in my mind, so I always have to buy one for any equine av I have. I remember BEGGING and PRAYING I would win a halter for my Hoof It! Pony avatar at the release party, and I did! I wasn't so lucky a few months later... But even that one got a halter eventually.

Anyway. I may have mentioned I considerably shortened the muzzle on the mare. And then I made it shorter. It's fantasy, I can have a short muzzle, damnit.

Anyway, this made fitting the halter... a pain in the ass. But I did it.


For comparison, this is the same halter, before editing, on the same avatar, before editing...


Yes, mine looks much thicker because I scaled it down so much I couldn't shrink the size of the ropes anymore. Future project? Hell yes. One more for the list.

Anyway, moving down...

I had once bought one of these tails on my Samiya account, way back when one of the Pony clubs I used to rent from was still around. Before I ever rented there. I miss that place, the people were awesome... Anyway, I did find that Yina Yao still had a store, with even more stuff, and so I had to pick up one of her wonderfully fluffy tails.


These tails are scripted to touch, and can animate the wearer too. Very fun. :) They're also scripted for color change, as well as differing bases.

Finally, I shod myself. The one I'm currently wearing until I can mod the fancier ones I bought are from Rose Evans, but I couldn't find a store LM for her. You can find them on the top floor of the Sale Barn at the FPC (yes, I had to go back, after all the crap that happened, to buy my damn shoes).


Simple, but effective. Coupled with the Pony Productions Hoofprinter (which leaves particle prints and makes a walking sound), I have fun. I don't wear the Hoofprinter everywhere, only at home and when I forget to take it off... :3

Now, you may notice a new horn in that first image. I purchased a sculpty horn and claw builder's kit from Invisible Designs (by Invisible Homewood), since it was well prices... and I can't be bothered to make a sculpty for my horn right now. This one looks much more like the one I draw on her usually. It's also got a very, very soft glow, and is somewhat transparent... And full bright, which I'd neglected to turn on. Yeah, my character's horn glows. I'm a bit of a sparkle dog (...mare) at heart.

Also, in all the images of the modded avatar, I'm wearing a slightly modded "Layla" from Sirena Hair. I streatched the medium size, since it was just a TAD too small, and the large was too big, then I moved the bangs a bit, since they covered my eyes. :)

I'm going to go back and update the previous AVentity avatar post in shortly, since I FINALLY got the images uploaded to Flickr.



Still working on getting pics together for the last review. I've been busy with another project...

Which I'm gonna show you here!

So, as I said, I got some L$ for my birthday, and I send some to Snowhawk so I could get her an Aventity horse av. Again, these aren't the ideal avs for this character, but I can make them work.

This is what I got:

Simple, white horse av.

First things first, change the shape! ... And wow did I look weird. Again, this is a tall av, 7'5", so the attachments are big. Scaling them down was easy, then some adjustments to where everything was situated. I detailed how I go about making the feet, leg, and arm/hand attachments even sizes when I did the Rez Fantasy kirin av, so I won't go into that again. (Too lazy to do it again. :p)

Now, my character is VERY purple. Like.. All over. Except her eyes and horn. And a little white snip on her nose. But she's not just -purple-, she's grullo... Just purple.

Which means I had to retexture everything.

Let me tell you... the addition of the "Temporary" textures saved me a LOT of L$. I was constantly playing around with everything, went through three versions of the eye textures for the head... and only spent L$100 for my uploads. That's all I added. 10 textures.

The skin is three (4 if you count the "mature" version), then four for the head, one for the ears, and a flat color for the attachments, since I just did the barring she one on the skin.

It's not perfect, the face isn't quite what I wanted, and the transition between the head and body isn't quite right.

But still, this is my first major modification project where I did everything. Even retexturing the Hoof It's was easier since I had instructions.




The skin is based off one of the open source skins (Another), and I didn't have to do much to them other than add the base and lighten most of the details. Then I added the markings and fiddled around until the seams matched up as best as I could get them.

It was a fun little project. :)