Still working on getting pics together for the last review. I've been busy with another project...

Which I'm gonna show you here!

So, as I said, I got some L$ for my birthday, and I send some to Snowhawk so I could get her an Aventity horse av. Again, these aren't the ideal avs for this character, but I can make them work.

This is what I got:

Simple, white horse av.

First things first, change the shape! ... And wow did I look weird. Again, this is a tall av, 7'5", so the attachments are big. Scaling them down was easy, then some adjustments to where everything was situated. I detailed how I go about making the feet, leg, and arm/hand attachments even sizes when I did the Rez Fantasy kirin av, so I won't go into that again. (Too lazy to do it again. :p)

Now, my character is VERY purple. Like.. All over. Except her eyes and horn. And a little white snip on her nose. But she's not just -purple-, she's grullo... Just purple.

Which means I had to retexture everything.

Let me tell you... the addition of the "Temporary" textures saved me a LOT of L$. I was constantly playing around with everything, went through three versions of the eye textures for the head... and only spent L$100 for my uploads. That's all I added. 10 textures.

The skin is three (4 if you count the "mature" version), then four for the head, one for the ears, and a flat color for the attachments, since I just did the barring she one on the skin.

It's not perfect, the face isn't quite what I wanted, and the transition between the head and body isn't quite right.

But still, this is my first major modification project where I did everything. Even retexturing the Hoof It's was easier since I had instructions.




The skin is based off one of the open source skins (Another), and I didn't have to do much to them other than add the base and lighten most of the details. Then I added the markings and fiddled around until the seams matched up as best as I could get them.

It was a fun little project. :)

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