SL :: Proportions

The ratio of the human "wingspan" (fingertip to fingertip) to the human height is typically 1:1. If you're not sure of how ratio works, that goes (x unit) to (y unit). For an example (sorry, I'm bringing World of Warcraft into this, since it's convenient and in my bookmarks), the ratio of ACTIVE Alliance to Horde on my realm, Executus, is 1:1.5. This means for every alliance character, there are 1 and a half Hordies (okay, not really a half, but you get the idea. I could say for every 2 Alliance, there are 3 Horde and that's make more sense). On the Cho'gall realm, the ratio is 1:14.3. (Cho'gall Alliance is Hardmode WoW. I have a lot of respect for them.)

Anyway... Humans are, with a few exceptions, roughly 1:1. A few inches/centimeters here or there isn't much, and not enough to really tell.

But on SL, there's a really big problem. No one seems to realize just how SHORT their arms are, or how damn log their legs are! Okay, well, not no one, but a LOT of people. Even I suspected it, but I wasn't sure. Was I in for a shock today when I went to see.

Now, I got to looking because of a few things... When ever spring rolls around, I remember from make incidents with the other girls at school that the fingertips on a human normally sit at about mid thigh. This was the line where that our shorts and skirts couldn't be any higher than. When I see all these female avatars on SL with their asses hanging out, I always think of that. That thought reminds me of a visit to the Knoxville Zoo after they opened new birds of prey exhibits and compared bird wingspans to humans. There was a footnote about arm to height ratio on the display, and for some reason, I tend to remember random crap like that.

Finally, as I have spent more time on the grid, I'm noticing a lot of short arms.

Then I got to thinking mine are too short, so I hopped up on a pose stand... (FoxLabs has a great, 6-pose stand for free. Link to the XStreet listing at the end of the post.)

Arm Length 1

...Hrm. Well, lets find out.

Arm Length 2
I made a standard, everyday box and drug it to the center of my avatar. I used a point on my virtual breastbone to line it up with the center, but a pixel or too off isn't important. I raised it to the pads of my feet, then I stretched the box up and too the top of my head.

Then I turned it sideways...

Arm Length 3
Oh my... :x

My arms were sitting at 58 on the slider.

I hopped off the pose stand, leaving the box in place, and went in to edit my appearance. (Tip: Click on the image above the slider to raise the value by 10.)

I tried raising it by 15... then 20... then 25...

Arm Length 4
Raising it by 30 is what it took.

Arm Length 5
The result is better, but I may try knocking back the arm size a bit and raising my hand size a little. My hands are sitting at 25.

(Edit: I did cnock the arm length back by 5, but increase the hand size by 10. It's an improvement, I'm just too damn lazy to take another screen shot. :3 )

... I notice a LOT of size 0 hands around too, on non-furries even. Most furry paws are made for size 0 hands, so it's not uncommon for us to run around with small hands if we take our paws off. Most of them never know about hand size since the never edit their basic shape.

Basically, just take a look at your proportions, especially if you're an Amazon. Go hide somewhere that you can rez objects in, take off your hair and your shoes (system shoes too!) and take a look. You might be surprised at what you find.

Pose Stand (It is ONE prim.)

(I am wearing the AVentity Husky in white, but with my standard Snowhawk shape. I am working on learning recolors for this avatar and the other AVentity avatars.)