SL :: zomg

I went to buy a Kani (rabbit) from Uchi's "Curious Inc." I have loved this bunny since it was released. Imagine my surprise when I looked at the random freebies he sets out, to see "Free Pony Muzzle for Kani (for modders)."

Me: "Holy shit wait what?"

As with the Felis, just left clicking the box gives me a folder with the contents of the box. Inside is a FULL PERM muzzle for a pony, and a full perm texture for said muzzle. Full perm is awesome since it means I can save the texture and use it as my base.

I'm having some trouble with the torus for the area behind the eyes, but I'm also half asleep, so I'll have some updates "later" or the retexturing.

Those ears, by the way, are the ears from the Kani. I just scaled them down and stopped the scripts so they won't snap back to their original positions (as the eyes for the Felis and Ringtail tend to do if you move them). I'll pokse around at them more later to. Even those they look a little "mule"-ish, I kinda like them. :D

(... I've also been on a mule kick lately. >__>)

Now, this doesn't mean my plan to make my own avatar head is scrapped. I'll keep working on it... or rather START on it... once I can get the programs I need to run running.

Next day edit: I sent a message to Uchi for help on how to re-texture the "problem prim, and he suggested trying a grid and building from there.

Fucking duh.

I'm the world's worst art student, and even THAT should have occurred to me before. *facepalm*

Uchi, if you ever stop by and read this, thank you again!

Later Edit:
Updated Sno Av
I has a happy. This turned out pretty damn cute. I will probably detail a bit how I did things... But later. After I can get Flickr upgraded, so I can have more pictures.


WoW :: Huh, never noticed that before... & A "..D'oh!" moment

I noticed something about the Celestial Steed... Other than slightly floppy looking and not completely natural movements.

If you have your shadow quality turned up, you will notice that the CS's shadow looks really strange. This is because it's only casting shadows from the armored pieces and the saddle.

Also, my draenei's butt doesn't sit in the saddle. I'm floating. :|

I would provide pics of this except for one little problem, which is the mentioned "D'oh!" moment: my Flickr account is almost full. >< Now, if I can get this art project finished and some of the pieces sold, I will actually be able to afford to upgrade it ($24.95 for a year). I'll probably just eat the cost an upgrade it anyway, then write it off to myself as a "business" expense. My Flickr is part of this blog, and this blog will someday show off more things I'm making and selling so... Yeah.

In the mean time, while not working on the art, I've gone back to Bronzebeard and picked up one of the toons I had abandoned there, as well as restarting a shaman. Yes, Alliance. I may be a Hordie at heart, but I don' mind playing for the other side to see the story from their point of view.

Part of the problem I had with making my original shaman Alliance was I remembered everything I'd done leveling her as a Tauren. Honest to God, it didn't feel right. Yeah, it was the fastest way to get an Alliance 80 that WASN'T a DK short of breaking the rules and getting one off eBay... But I wasn't comfortable with it. Nostalgia every time I went through a Horde area... And my first fall off TB should have been with her still as a cow.

Anyway... I'm currently working on my little hunter, who's gained 4 levels in short time, and when not working on her, I reused the name Xantara for my shaman, and she's currently level 15.

(Enhancement, of course. :p)

All my toons are guildless right now. I don't know if they want me back in Over It, though I've said "Hi" to a couple of the members when I've seen them around, and then there's the fact it's not really a leveling guild...

I'll find one eventually.


SL :: Snowhawk av update

This thing will be a work in progress for a long time, me thinks...

Update - 1
So I poked at it a little more today. One of the things that had been bothering me was how tall my av was, and, as I've mentioned, I prefer a shorter avatar. I pulled off the top few prims of the hoof so it would sit lower on my foot. I understand why Meph did the foot the way she did but... Not preferred for me. (I tend to forget to take off shoe bases, or I'll accidentally replace them.)

Update - 2
I'll eventually find an equine or other ungulate leg that I like (thinking maybe the leg on the DSD ram), but for now I have a re-textured leg from the Tokushi Chinese Crested. Super fluffy! <3 (That texture isn't the greatest, but I'm half asleep and did it in like 10 minutes. x_x)

Update - 3
While pulling parts from the Chinese Crested, I decided to try the arm fluff from it. Really like how cute it is, so, she gets that too. :3