SL :: ... Boobs?

There's something that's happened to the grid, and I've been bothered ever since I saw it from the first time.

"Cleavage enhancers" on women who, if we're to believe things like gravity, shouldn't HAVE that much cleavage.

What pushes your "girls" up? Your bra, or your corset. Or even a really fitted top. What happens when you remove that support?

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So, if you have no support, I'm sorry, you're not going to have that much cleavage. It makes no sense (and looks a little dumb) when you see some woman with a few cloth strips over her boobs who has massively deep cleavage. (See here, sorry, Evelynn, you were conveniently a good source.) I even see this on women with NO top on, or a nipple chain. (I can't imagine how much it would hurt to have something that was actually attached to my nipples used to connect them that much.)

Ladies, take it off. If you can't because it's "built in", then you need a new skin, sorry. I don't care how big your boobs are, they're not going to look like THAT without SOMETHING squishing them together.

Skin makers, please back off! Shading the boobs, fine. But there is a point where it's too much.

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