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I went to buy a Kani (rabbit) from Uchi's "Curious Inc." I have loved this bunny since it was released. Imagine my surprise when I looked at the random freebies he sets out, to see "Free Pony Muzzle for Kani (for modders)."

Me: "Holy shit wait what?"

As with the Felis, just left clicking the box gives me a folder with the contents of the box. Inside is a FULL PERM muzzle for a pony, and a full perm texture for said muzzle. Full perm is awesome since it means I can save the texture and use it as my base.

I'm having some trouble with the torus for the area behind the eyes, but I'm also half asleep, so I'll have some updates "later" or the retexturing.

Those ears, by the way, are the ears from the Kani. I just scaled them down and stopped the scripts so they won't snap back to their original positions (as the eyes for the Felis and Ringtail tend to do if you move them). I'll pokse around at them more later to. Even those they look a little "mule"-ish, I kinda like them. :D

(... I've also been on a mule kick lately. >__>)

Now, this doesn't mean my plan to make my own avatar head is scrapped. I'll keep working on it... or rather START on it... once I can get the programs I need to run running.

Next day edit: I sent a message to Uchi for help on how to re-texture the "problem prim, and he suggested trying a grid and building from there.

Fucking duh.

I'm the world's worst art student, and even THAT should have occurred to me before. *facepalm*

Uchi, if you ever stop by and read this, thank you again!

Later Edit:
Updated Sno Av
I has a happy. This turned out pretty damn cute. I will probably detail a bit how I did things... But later. After I can get Flickr upgraded, so I can have more pictures.

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