SL :: Shoes~

So, Eversky Aeon over at The Pony Store released some sculpted shoes for her sculpted hooves! :3

I just had to trot (...lol) right over and grab them! :)

(Pardon my giant assed invisiprim there. My hooves are very small, and Emerald hasn't been updated to use alpha layers that everyone can see yet.)


They're very cute, and perfect for my av. I was missing the silver flash when I walked with my old hooves.

Edit: Just as a comparison, here are my previous hooves, and my current ones, side by side.


My mesh foot is sticking out in the middle of the old hoof, so that's the strange purple there.


SL :: Hoofies

One thing that bugged me about my avatars hooves was the long assed toes of the AVentity equine. Looked like an OTTB...

So when I was looking at stuff yesterday, I found a set of sculpted hooves from Eversky Aeon.

They were cheap, so I grabbed them.

They're so cute. ._.




These are basically out of the box, I just scaled them to fit my av (they were made for the Hoof It horse) and colored them purple. :3

She may make shoes for them, so I will by a happy pony if she does.


SL :: I actually finished a project!

I was determined to finish this one.

As I've previously said, I just love halters on my horse avs. The Uchi Pony... Does not have any made. So I put one together.


Most of the chains are from a kit from [NOVA]. The remaining prims are regular, trusty torus prims, pulled and squished in various ways.

I made it VERY close fitting. My av's muzzle is slightly thinner than the standard size, as well as having taken the cheeks down a bit. But I should be able to scale it up to fit an av that's basically *remove Kani nose, add pony muzzle.*

I've not been this active in SL since I started, and I think this is considerably more than that, since I'd never actually built anything from scratch like this, and my modification ability was... well... undeveloped. I will add some actual textures soon, but for now, it's shiny leather.

I guess I'm finally starting to make the shit I should have made years back. :p