WoW :: But I LIKE beating things to death.. :|

So, as I draw closer to 80 (74 atm), I realize that, as usual, melee dps overwhelms ranged. As an Enhancement shaman, melee is my thing.

Which means I have to go elemental, which I have never touched outside of dumping my last few points into the tree or considered except for "lolthunderstorm pvp," or resto, which is Misae's offspec that I almost never play and her gear shows it.

I don't -like- ranged. I'd rather be in someone's face wailing on them. I don't like healing because it makes me nervous, considering some of the d-bags that play this game and I don't -really- like being yelled at.

And many people don't like being around someone "learning." I don't know how to heal that well and reading about how2ele just doesn't work for me.


._. What to do...

Edit, 5am the next day: 75, yay. I have now surpassed my Pally on Executus. 5 more levels... ._. At least I have more than enough money to get my epic flying, cold weather flying and still have gold left over once I hit 77.

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