About Me :: My Icon, My Child

That's what I use as an icon... Pretty much everywhere that isn't a furry art site. (Or my FB and twitter...)

Anytime I can use an icon, be it on a guild forum or whatever, that little kitty face is there.

That pictures, which I sadly do not have the original of anymore (unless it's hiding) if of my cat, Emi, as she hung out in my bedroom window one day. ... And yes, it's been 'shopped a bit. But it was still one of my favorite pictures of her. She just looks so... Emi.

Emi came into my life when she was about 4 and a half months old, having either been dropped off, or escaped, and then trying to make friends with the guy who owned the business I worked for at the time. He already had 5-6 cats, and he wife had threatened to divorce him if he brought home any more. So, here he was, standing outside of the business, when this little gray with white fluff comes over to him, sits down next to him, and puts her paws on his legs and gives him that "I'm pitiful" look.

He picked her up, considered it, then knew that his current feline kids would be better off if he -didn't- go through a divorce. So he walks to the front of the building, and I'm in there, tagging clothes (this was a dry cleaning business), and he has this... fuzz. He points to her, as he walks past the front door, and mouths "Do you want a cat?!"

... Oh Boy. I had never had a cat in my life. Ever. It had always been dogs, and the only cats I really knew were like... my friend, Banrai's. But having cat friends is not the same as having a cat kid.

But hey, I had a Lhasa mix at home, and Lhasa Apso's are cat like, right? That surely counts for something! So I called my mom, to see if we could bring this cat, a little girl, home "just for the weekend." My mom convinced, I drove home that night with this kitten laying in my lap, it was November of 2002, and the last year I had my Buick. She'd spent the rest of my work day in the bathroom, as I had no where else to keep her, but luckily, it was only like 3 hours. Once home, we quickly ran to the only place open and close, which was the IGA for some cheap cat litter and food for her. A shallow-ish plastic bin was placed on the floor, and she was trying to potty in it before we had the litter in.

Being as I did have the Lhasa, and our older, ailing Cavalier mix at home, she slept with me the first few mights. Neither dog had ever been exposed to cats. Bandit, the Cavalier, was always staring at her with this "If I was a little younger..." look, but she would just hang out around him, especially his last few months. Max, the Lhasa, tolerated her, like he did with pretty much everything else.

But that's the story of my first kid coming home. :3

Oh, and her name? My favorite character from DDR.

Gonna be scarce the next few days. Moving out tomorrow, and finishing up the trip back on Friday, then being drug off on a road trip on Saturday.