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(LOTS OF PICS. Slow internet people, beware!)

Yes, finally, version 2 of the AVentity equine is out.

Yes, I am currently rocking the FUCK out of the updated zebra.

So, let's take a look at it!

(Sorry this pics are of the white version, I hadn't gone to get another color yet... :p)

To start, these do NOT include wings or horns like the version 1. There are a million alicorns across the grid, I'm sure you won't die. As for wings... the original ones were very high ARC, and while I'm not a horrible "OMG GET YOUR ARC DOWN TO ONE" like some people can be, it can be a concern. The wings were high prim, with alpha textures, so, yeah, I'm sure you can find replacements. (I'm sure there are some in the part store that's around the AVentity vendors now.) They also do not include hand attachments, but I never really used those much any more.

All that said they ARE cheaper than they were at release, now costing L$640, down from L$800 a little over a year ago. Mephitis has lowered the price of all her avatars, and you get both sexes, so they're a really good deal. Honestly, one of the best deals on the market. The price is why I can't complain TOO much about the small issues I have with the avatar. The biggest of which is, again, lack of out-of-the-box Viewer 2 compatibility. The legs and hooves still use invisiprims. It's a simple as hell fix for me, and I'll take care of it as soon as I can, but if someone is not savvy in how to edit this, it can be a problem.

(Meph, please, if you read this, everyone will be FORCED to go to a V2 compatible viewer soon. Yes, forced. Might as well make those legs V2 compatible! :3 I've got a free digitigrade alpha texture that I created (because all the other free ones I tried were no mod and/or not well done) I will -GIVE- you, full perm, so you can include it and stop using those archaic invisiprims.)

Screen shot 2011-02-11 at 10.38.09 AM
The other issue I have is more of a personal one, and it is... av height. Yeah, I like short avs. But again, it's not a hard fix. And at least it's not as tall as some.

Anyway! Onto the av. :3

This is what you first drag to the ground...

Then you get a folder from that with two other boxes, one for the male av, one for the female. We're gonna look at the female av...

The first thing I notice, and love, is the fixing of the avatar's proportions. The arms are no longer too short, probably having to do with the lack of hand attachments. The figure is pretty extreme, but there are versions of my own, personal shape that are similar. Due to how SL does the joints, they always look stick thin, regardless of how muscular the limbs are. This is a SL issue, not one Meph caused with her shape, though toning down the muscles on the legs can help alleviate the strange look. Also, this shape is slightly knock-kneed, like the wolf was, so the width of the calf and the hoof becomes problematic (*smoosh*) on a pose stand like the one I'm on. In normal use, you don't really notice it. Modding would help too, if it's a problem for the user.

From the side, the av is pretty thin, and almost looks bottom heavy with the size of the legs. Again, I think the average user would alleviate this look some if they were to mod the avatar's legs. Over all, I DO love these legs and hooves so many times more than the old legs. No longer are the toes of the hooves super long and the heels severely under-run. I'll touch more on the hooves later. The new tail is flagged, and reminds me of an Arabian, fitting well with the face shape. The new female hair style is similar to the style of the KZK horse, with it being like an actual mane and pulled to one side. Several years back, Wingless Emoto did this with her old horse avatars, and you can still find those across the grid.

(A note about the fingers: There is an optional, tintable "glove" that adds the tips to the fingers. I was wearing it while photographing.)

From the back, you can see the style of the mane, and also how fluffy the tail is (in the first image) and the shading of the backside (in the second). The av looks great from pretty much any angle.

Back to the head for a moment... I'm not sure if I'm sold on the eyebrows but... I think I can deal with them. The difference in this face shape over the original is pretty signifigant.

And yes, those appear to be the same ears. I loved the original ear sculpts, and I'm glad she kept them.

Now, onto where I am going to nitpick every horse avatar I come across: the hooves. There is a saying: "No hoof, no horse." The hoof is the foundation of every equine, and to see it neglected is just... appalling. That said, the hooves are MUCH improved over the original.

To start, this avatar does come with a system shoe. Most ever horse av has this, and it really throws off my re-scaling. ... Just sayin', guys... :p

I'm not sure what's with the coronet area's discoloration on the white av. I don't really notice this on the zebra, and I forgot to look on the chestnut. The hooves are short, yes, but they're not over grown, as the old ones appeared. It fits with the chunky look, and a user can modify this, as the hoof is a prim of it's own.

While the outside of the hoof looks good, I am kind of "meh" about the lack of attention paid to the sole and frog areas of the hoof.

Still the hoof is nice and proportional, with the length and width being about even. Some other makers ignore this, so it's nice to see attention paid to it. (Had to take one hoof off, otherwise, you'd have seen something that looks kinda like a butt.)

Over all, I'm so damn happy to see this. The original, while a good av for it's time (early sculpties), hadn't aged as well as one would hope, especially considering there's a lack of GOOD anthro equine avs on the grid.

AVentity halter update will be out in a day or so, and I will also be taking a look at the updated AnthroXstacy horse, and comparing it to the original (which I didn't really care for...) Let's just say I bought a second AX horse.

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