SL :: I think I got them!

So, while I LOVE Evers' faun legs, I htink they're still a little skinny for my pony av. So I'd been poking around at things... then I remembered I actually had the DSD ram on Snowhawk.


I pulled the version 2 of the solid hooves, since version 3 was a mite tall and deformed weird when I shrunk it, and plopped two on the ground.

Then I pulled out the legs and hooves from the DSD ram, pulled the ram hoofies off it, and then smushed around the "fetlock" area prim to fit the solid hoof. Re-textured really quickly, and poof! Stocky legs! :D



Much better for a pony. :3

Also, I updated my Marketplace store. Since the Teen Grid has been merged into the Main Grid, anything with adult content (or tags for adult content), has to be marked as such. Since my halters had the OpenCollar scripts, they fell into that. There are versions up now with NO scripts in their boxes. As well, all my in-world stock has gone "clean." The versions with scripts are still available on the Marketplace.


Eversky Aeon said...

x3 Don't worry, even my good friend Starcks tells me the same thing about mah legs bein' too skinny.

I like the collab with the ram fluffies!

Snowhawk Przhevalsky said...

I am such a derp and forgot to reply.

I think I'll use the skinny ones for my other, more traditional unimod. :3 I just want to get some new textures made. These are now over a year old! :o