WoW :: Lowbie AB

So, my best friend, her husband, my fiance, and I all decided to level some alts on Malestrom Alliance. We did have a 5th, but he's not been around. :( We've been leveling via randoms, but to break up the monotony, we queued up for Arathi Basin.

We lost horribly since EVERY FUCKING PERSON in the raid followed our little group, but I didn't do -too- bad considering I haven't been in a BG in... probably over 2 years. And even longer on the class I'm playing, which is a druid (kittydeeps).

Those top 3 in KBs? My friend's husband, me, and her. (Hunter, Druid, Pally). Yet everyone in the BG chat was bitching at how fail the group was.

lol. Maybe you guys should have stopped typing and started pwning shit!

Anyway... Yeah, it fails. But it was fun.

Also, I'm sad I didn't double check, but I didn't get my fiance's priest in the screenshot. He was #1 on healing. He's a fucking awesome priest. :D

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Anonymous said...

I didn't even check to see my ranking as a healer. Good to know I made the top. That group WAS shit, though. I was aggravated when it was over, so I just immediately clicked to leave.