WoW :: Traveling

I am mostly a Hordie at heart. Really.

But I fail to see why Blizzard thinks that it's just as easy for Alliance to travel as it is Horde.


Screen shot 2011-04-15 at 1.49.25 AM

I ditched tailoring and enchanting on my Paladin for something that'd make some money easier. The best place to level skinning, for the place I'm at, is Thousand Needles.

I get there at skinning level 207, and I forgot to train to 300 before I got on that continent. So I get to 225, and have to go back to SW because the ones on that continent are Darnassus and Exodar. :|

Travel is not as easy for Alliance. Simple as that. It's a pain in the ass. I can travel all day as a Hordie and it not bother me, but this? God.


SL :: Exceptions to the rule...

There are times where one would have really short, stumpy arms.

Like if you're a corgi anthro!

Short legs and long bodies on dogs like corgis, doxies, and bassets would require short arms and legs. This is about the only time you should be a stump. Or if you're a dwarf. Or a Munchkin cat anthro. ... You get the idea!


SL :: Dear Skin Makers

For God's sake, please do NOT use black/grey to shade a SKIN.


It looks like I sat in soot. My knees looks like I kneeled in it. This is a great skin otherwise (well, mostly, there's obvious seams on the head if I take my hair off).

This is basic art 101. You can add black to a color to get a darker color and use that darker color to shade. You don't just shade with black on any color other than a grey. ... Shouldn't even use black then. It's too strong of a color.


SL :: Quick Update - Store Addition

Making some more room, so I can add to my store's inventory.

Hopefully clothing and reasonably priced shapes to be for sale soon.