SL :: Long time no blog, and a new product!

So, I finally splurged and bought a ~*Water Horse*~ avatar.

And, because I have this character, Ruby, who is a sorrel unicorn mare, I added a horn and made it her. Which meant buying the Arabian add-on pack... But that wasn't enough, she was a little too light, so I went to The Texture Barn and got the deep sorrel texture pack.

But, of course, I can't stop there... I went to The Pony Store and got three things: The Arabian neck sculpt, the sculpted teeth, and the sculpted tongue.

I added my horn, made it green, added the texture to my tail, made a "mane" until I can make some kind of sculpted thing for it and...

Whee, unicorn. :p

But, of course, I had to make the halter's fit.

waterhorsesmarabhalter_001s waterhorselgarabhalter_001s
waterhorsestandardhalter_001s waterhorsedrafthalter_001s

I had to borrow a friend to make the draft one, since I couldn't buy the draft version, and I also used her as a model. (Thank you, Fancy!)

But, there you go, my adventures last night. :p