Newness all around!

... This new blogger writing layout is icky, and I do not like it.

My new computer, however, is amazing, and I've gotten right back to work in SL.

You can read about my new computer here".

For the new stuff in SL~

I've been working on some collars...

potioncollar - riveted - purple-ad
potioncollar - purple-ad

That's just two of the potion colors, and as always, the collars are copy/mod so you can edit to your heart's content.

You can see them all in world at the new store location!

I've got other things in planning but~ I have L$20 to my name, so I will have to hold off on those.

Once the marketplace cooperates with me, I'll have the Potion Collars up there, but for now, they're only in world. I can't get my uploaded images to show up, for whatever reason, even though other images I upload are fine. ... And I had to redo a few listings since they had images that weren't mine! But, in good news, everything I have on the Marketplace now uses direct delivery. The change is planned to be forced on June 1, so I just swapped over now.

Keep an eye out for future stuff. :3 It's coming soon.


WoW :: Looking back at Cataclysm...

(Sorry for lack of updates. Been kinda distracted with life.)

This is a lot of personal opinion and rambling and no pictures. You've been warned.

So, as the last "content patch" has been out for a while, and we're just waiting on Mists, I want to look back at Cataclysm, the second expansion released since I started.

I picked up WoW late in Burning Crusade, sometime 2.3 or 2.4, and I still have my first character, my Tauren Shaman.

But partially due to the server she's on, and partially due to not being THAT interested in this expansion, she's lingered at 80.

By the end of BC, my Tauren was 65, and I didn't hit level cap until after Wrath was released. I had the good fortune to get picked for Wrath beta, and I had so. much. fun. I had a shit load of fun in Wrath too, not only getting my Tauren shaman to 80, got a RAF-ed Belfadin-turned-Human-then-turned-Draenei from 60-80 in a fairly short time once I actually started working, and leveling a Draenei shaman from creation to 80 in just a few weeks, using no BOA gear. (Not in that order, the shaman then the paladin got to 80.) It was a blast!

I found an amazing guild in the later parts, and I really enjoyed most of it, even though Dalaran made my MacBook want to kill itself.

... I enjoyed Wrath so much, most of my time recently has been spent in Northrend. I log in an out of Dalaran, it load better then Stormwind.

I really had high hopes for Cata. I was getting bored with the old world, and I did look forward to new leveling experiences. ... But I've found the only one I ended up really caring about was the Worgen and Tauren. I've got several baby wolves and kaus that I poke around at. I tried trolls... and I got bored really fast. I made it to 14 on a Goblin before I deleted her. I think I got to 7 or 8 on a new Orc. Night elves... I can't bring myself to play another nelf. Humans were interesting. I DID love the new undead starting quests, and want to go through them again. Gnomes are... eh. Same for Dwarves.

What the hell? :/ I have to say I'm disappointed.

I have had an 85 for most of the expansion, and it is my Paladin. But I leveled her with archaeology. The quests didn't interest me enough to go through with them, until I went back and did them for Loremaster. I finally leveled my Draenei shaman to 85 the old-fashioned way (with help from archeology and mining), but I barely logged in on her before deciding to level her. She sat at 81 for a long time while I tried to decide what to do.

Then there's my poor old Tauren. She was in Outland when the Cataclysm hit, and until recently, that's where she stayed. I'd log her in for an achievement, but that was about it. I got her back into Org during Winter Veil... But she hasn't moved. She hasn't gone to level. She's just been... sitting. I did buy her and my druid flying for Azeroth, but more for convenience than anything else.

Like I said, some of my disinterest in her has to do with the server she's on. It's PvP and there are progressively more and more idiots. Possibly due to the influx of people coming back for the raid finder and Dragon Soul raids? Who knows.

Oh, and speaking of that...

The only Dragon Souls I've been interested in lately are the ones I get off of dead dragons in Skyrim. I don't really even have an interest in raiding, but I couldn't WAIT to get geared in Wrath. I have been in one raid the whole of Cataclysm, that wasn't "Hey, can someone make a raid group with me?" or "Do you want to do (x) for old gear?"

I dunno. It's a big let down for me. If Mists doesn't change a lot of things, and I will give it the best shot I can, then I'm probably done with WoW. I really hate to say that, but what else am I going to do? Keep pouring money into something that's boring?

Edit: Let me add a thought I had after posting this. I HATED jousting. It made me go >:|

I have spent most of my time in Northrend working on my Argent Tournament achievements and getting mounts... which means jousting. I am willingly doing this to avoid Hell Firelands.

... Let that sink in!