Newness all around!

... This new blogger writing layout is icky, and I do not like it.

My new computer, however, is amazing, and I've gotten right back to work in SL.

You can read about my new computer here".

For the new stuff in SL~

I've been working on some collars...

potioncollar - riveted - purple-ad
potioncollar - purple-ad

That's just two of the potion colors, and as always, the collars are copy/mod so you can edit to your heart's content.

You can see them all in world at the new store location!

I've got other things in planning but~ I have L$20 to my name, so I will have to hold off on those.

Once the marketplace cooperates with me, I'll have the Potion Collars up there, but for now, they're only in world. I can't get my uploaded images to show up, for whatever reason, even though other images I upload are fine. ... And I had to redo a few listings since they had images that weren't mine! But, in good news, everything I have on the Marketplace now uses direct delivery. The change is planned to be forced on June 1, so I just swapped over now.

Keep an eye out for future stuff. :3 It's coming soon.

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