SL :: New Collars!

Need some holiday spirit? Here's three collars to help get you in the mood.

christmas collar
Yes, the lights on this one blink on and off, but do not throw off light, so shouldn't bring seizures to your friends.

ribbon holly collar
Somewhat inspired by an old OpenCollar that I can't find for sale anymore...

snowflake collar
And finally, some delicate snowflakes and a diamond to round out the set.

Future collars may include bells and candy canes... Hmm...


SL :: New equine!

Finally, there's a new anthro equine on the grid.

Don't get me wrong, I love the AVentity equine, but it's been almost 3 years since it was released.

Raawr just released an equine avatar tonight (the first release party isn't even over as I type this), and I had a little extra from getting a commission, so I picked it up.

I'm not going to do a review, I'll let SLARF handle that, I'm just going to say I am VERY pleased with it and the build quality and now I'll spam you with quick pictures.

I already modded mine to look like my character... :3 Easiest mod I've done.

Raawr Horse - Sno Mod

Raawr Horse - Sno Mod

Raawr Horse - Sno Mod

Raawr Horse - Sno Mod

Edit: And, of course, I've made a halter for it.
raawr horse-halter


SL :: New Collars (and rings!)

round gem - diamond, originally uploaded by Silverfalln.
I've had the itch to build lately, but I didn't know what to build. So I bit the bullet, spent more money than I needed to to start making rings, and have been having fun this evening hand-setting gems into the potion collar's base.

I have SIXTEEN new collars (with matching rings) for your viewing/buying pleasure, and you can view them all on the Marketplace, or in-world.

Short post. Running away now. :3


SL :: New Location!

So after much emoing on my part, and creeping on land sales, I have a new store location.


I also have a small wall set up at ~WhiTe NoiSe~ with my non-equine only products.


I also have some new products!

Tintable Nipple Tape.

A halter for the Breeder's Choice Quarter Horse.

The Simple Cuffs I wear everywhere.

And a fluffy tail for anthro equines.

And that's all for that. I'm off to work on more things. Busy busy!