SL :: I did it.

Well, I am doing it. I picked up another homestead sim. And I'm turning it into an RP home for furries...


Welcome to Eternity. Once things are quiet, I'll be making a(nother) video, walking around and showing off what I've built.


One of the things I'm doing is installing the Honor Roleplay System. This is not only a meter, should people wish to solve problems through violence, but... well, let me show you a thing.

Copper Ore Node

That's an ore node. Copper, specifically. (Yes, they're large) You click on it to gather it. There's also flowers, berries, fiber plants, and wood nodes. All the nodes have a slight glow to them, and are full bright so they stand out. AS set right now, the nodes spawn everywhere, last for 45 minutes, then de-spawn. They then re-spawn somewhere else on the island. I'm having fun tracking down random nodes, lol.

So there's gathering. And crafting (which I will set up next). And a dodge ball system. And different RP profiles for different classes. And QUESTING. Oh boy, can't wait to set that up, lol.

Anyway, the sim is medieval/fantasy/Gor (>__>) and everyone is welcome to come play, provided you are dressed appropriately. So far, the group has 10 members that aren't me (and I've seen more folks than that on the island), and I think that's the most of any of the groups I've created. :3 Hopefully, more are on the way.

And that's that. That's Eternity, home to the village of Ametiton. Video to come later.

Edit: Oh, yeah, I swapped up my avatar again. I'll go over that later. :3

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