SL :: Boobies!


So I'll let you in on a little secret.  For the past couple weeks, my boobs in SL... have been mesh.

Yep, they're Lolas.

I've fought with the idea of picking these up for... well over 6 months. I hemmed and hawed and finally said "f-it!" and got them.

Why? Well, I'd slowly been accumulating clothes with appliers. And I know, if I ever start creating skins or clothes, I'm probably gonna get asked about them. So I stopped over at the Lolas store to see if they had anything for creators set out. Couldn't find anything but... Well, what's done is done.

And lo, the boobs came with a developer's kit.

And it was stupid easy to make appliers for my own personal skin. Like... holy shit easy. Easier than typing a blog. Didn't even have to upload a new texture, just used the UUID for the existing texture(s) and boom, boobs!

I did scale them down significantly. But yeah, new boobs.

This post has not point, I'm just trying to get my mind off some stupidity.

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