SL :: Fantasy Faire 2014, Silent Auction...

I normally don't do auctions in SL. I prefer direct sales. But, this was for Rely for Life.

I won't get into my "how my life has been touched by cancer" story. That's for another post, and another day.

So anyway... I finally found where on the sim the silent auction was being held, and I bid on the Hoof It thoroughbred avatar (several times over the past few days). Then I saw the ND/MD Malkia avatar in pink (one of three to be release on the grid, four if you count the creator's version)... and I bid on her (a couple times over a few days). Then finally, a deal too good to pass up on a nano avatar, the ND/MD drow, so I bid on that while waiting.

Keep in mind, I wasn't expecting to win anything.

I'd planned on purchasing the Hoof It TB and the ND/MD Malkia (in white) eventually. And I've been wanting a petite/tiny av for a while so... I wasn't going to complain.

But win I did!

ND/MD Nano Drow
So tiny!

Malkia Pink Lioness - 1 of 3
I've already changed outfits from this several times, lol...

Fantasy Faire Auction Horse
And finally, the Hoof It. Picture taken several days ago, and this one is being worn by Erin Talamasca herself. I didn't think I'd actually win it, I was expecting bids to go into the 5-digit range. I'll have the av in my hands (paws?) in a few days, once it's boxed and the HUD is prettied up. Erin forgot tonight was the end of the auction, lol. :3

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