A Smart Thing Linden Labs did something smart! One of the biggest complaints people have had over the years Second Life has been around has been that there aren't enough group spaces. There have been a whole host of reasons why this can't be increased. It started off at 10, went to 15, then up a bit more for a while until finally capping off at 42 several years back. This is made all the more painfully obvious since InWorldz allows 100 groups per user, and other OpenSim worlds have similar group limits. But word on the grape vine has been that LL has been doing testing involving group limits, as well as looking further into limits on max number of avatars available on a sim. Intel had been working with them on that some years back, but nothing has come of that... but that's a story for another time. Today, Linden Labs announced that Premium Account holders can now be in a maximum of 60 groups. If they follow suit to many other companies, this is somewhat of an extended beta test, and this may eventually trickle down to non-premium users (one would hope). In the mean time, the reasons for keeping my premium account just got better. Second Life is the one "fun" thing I pay for monthly.

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