SL :: What Second Life Means to Me

I was poking around on Plurk yesterday, when I saw three posts referencing "What Second Life Means to Me." One of those was the official SL Plurk, and it linked to this blog post.

I feel this is a really wonderful idea, so I decided I would make a video.

So I thought about what I wanted to say. I typed up a little script earlier today, after finishing my art binge, and logged in, and fired up XSplit. I wasn't sure how I would do the video at first, if it would be me narrating over a series of still shots/snippets of other SL videos I've made or what, but I finally decided to go to Botanical and stand around and film there.

It's a simple enough concept. I spiced mine up with some self-snark.

So, here it is, "What Second Life Means to Me."

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