SL :: Personal Mod Project

I have had a side project in SL for a while now: my "favorite child" from my novel, Adian. I announced that I was starting this back on August 13, 2013, then I apparently never updated the blog with further notices about it.

I never even uploaded the screenshots to Flickr, or my FA gallery. I wasn't very happy with them, but since I didn't realize you could use Local textures to test out uploads, I wasn't too keen on the idea of reworking them.

That's a thing, btw, in the Texture window, there are radio buttons, one says local. Click that, then the "Add" button and you can temporarily upload a texture to see how it looks on your prim. And if you re-save it, it will update automatically. Mina from the Moon Kingdom (where my show is) told me this and I think I want to marry her for saving me so many L$ over the past couple weeks.

Anyway, here are the original mods...

Original verison of Adian mod
(Original AVentity mod.)

Adian's Eyes
(Eyes I used in place of the AVentity ones.)

V1 of Raawr Adian mod
(Original Raawr wolf mod. I wasn't at all happy with the textures in the end, and I wound up just mostly using the AVentity mod.)

But now, I have this:
Adian Avatar - 2015
I took a lot more time on the skin. I used the fluffs that I created for the Lab mods, and completely redrew the belly/butt shading. The original belly/butt shading was from my Snowhawk mods, but I just (poorly) smudged the edges, which were very soft. This time, I started with a hard edge, and went around each edge individually.

The tail texture is completely redone, and the "fill" colors are not just flat textures.

Adian Avatar - 2015
If you can't see the detail on the face, click through to Flickr. I used the trick I discovered for texturing the Lab prim parts to make the prim parts not look so flat, but I'm purposefully avoiding looking super realistic. The same technique is used on the face, jaw, ears, and legs.

I left the edges "smoother" on places that would have shorter fur.

But yeah, I'm pretty proud of it now. I want to redo the AVentity leg textures, when I feel like I can be arsed to look at those files again. But for now, pretty happy with this bunch of textures.

I use personal projects to test things, though the Labs got the test for some of these textures. But as far as the skin goes.

You can click through any of the pictures to get to my Flickr gallery, and you'll find more pictures there.


SL :: Another Comparison!

So, Flower released a Roman-nosed version of the Mustang, and since I must have all things horse (even though I'm behind on quad avs), I picked it up. Here's a comparison of the three Raawr equine heads.

Before I start, the Mustang's mods will fit the Roman-nosed version. I have tested this with the Donkey mod.

Raawr equine head comparison
First, a front on view of the three. Horse to the left, standard Mustang in the middle, Roman-nosed Mustang on right.

Raawr equine head comparison
The difference in the profile is pretty striking from the Horse to the Roman-nosed head. It's a nicely filled gap, finally, essentially covering your Arabian-type heads with a pronounced dish, a more typical Quarter Horse or Thoroughbred profile, and then your Draft or Baroque head. The latter I honestly have not seen much in SL, while TB-type heads are most common for anthros. You see the AVentity 2.0 the most (at least I do).

Raawr equine head comparison
And from the other side: Roman-nose Mustang, standard Mustang, and Horse.

Raawr equine head comparison
I thought about ending the look at these heads with that last pic, but I wanted to show off the size differences, so here's the head from the top. Noses are against the front board, Roman-nose Mustang's head is touching the back, and you can see the difference in lengths.

Raawr equine head comparison
This is the Horse head in a slightly transparent box. The edges of the box are just extended past the head enough to not show the head through it. The box's dimensions are:
X 0.26262
Y 0.18082
Z 0.19904

Raawr equine head comparison
And the standard Mustang head in a box. This box's was dragged to the Mustang head from the Horse, and then scaled up to fit. It's dimensions are:
X 0.28691
Y 0.18082
Z 0.20459

Raawr equine head comparison
And finally, the Roman-nose Mustang. Same as above, I drug the box over onto it, and then resized it to fit the head. The dimensions are:
X 0.29871
Y 0.18082
Z 0.20752

Raawr equine head comparison
And another profile look. Roman-nosed Mustang in front, standard Mustang in middle, and Horse on far end.

Raawr equine head comparison
And a reverse of the above.

While I was writing this, I got to thinking: what avs do I have/have I seen that have Roman noses? I concentrated mostly on anthros, but there's some commentary on a few quads in the following.

Listing off head types of avatars I have, and I'm logged on to my alt, Adian (Samiya.Rossini), to look the oldest ones up...
- The very, very old Hoof It! Anthro equines had more of the QH/TB style.
- The AnthroXstacy horse had a very flat profile, but still not a Roman nose.
- The Wingless Horse is, again, more TB-ish.
- Hoof It!'s quad equines all have TB-like faces. The Foal's head was dished, but about to the level you would expect in a foal.
- Water Horse's original sculpted horse had several options. The standard avatar (QH/TB) was available, and for that you could get an Arabian add-on with two heads, one with a smaller muzzle. (Perhaps it just came with it? I can't remember...) So there's three heads, and they did have a Draft head as well, but I'm fairly certain that avatar was separate. The nose on the draft was slightly convex.
- AVentity Equine v1 was more of the TB profile.
- AVentity Equine 2.0 is definitely more Arabian.
- Kinzart Kreetures has two equines: a standard and a draft. I have both and the heads are effectively the same: Flat (like the AX horse) with a slight "stop" (as you would call it on a dog) near the eyes. (The wings on this av are still top notch.)
- I'm going to break out the super old avs here that I don't have on Snowhawk. Once upon a time, there was a creator named White Guildenstern, and they had a store called White Zebra Creations. The account is over 10 years old, and they closed their store before I found it again on Snowhawk so... That should give you an idea of the age of this av. Anyway. I have all of their avatars. 2 horses, a donkey, a unicorn, and two cows. (I'm pretty sure that was all anyway...) All the equines have the same face, and it's a Roman nose. So, finally, an equine anthro with a roman nose!
- Another old av creator is Envi Kanno, who made the "Little Furs" line. These were adorable for the time (little dated now). I have the white Pony, and it's definitely not a Roman nose, though the nose id bulbous.
- Extrovirtual has some Tiny horses, anthro and quad, and if I remember correctly, they used the same head. I have two Tiny quad horses, and they both have a very slight convex profile. I feel this may be more from the prims used though.
- Whinge Languish (of Ninja Weasel Studios) had a unicorn that I to this day still adore. It was my second avatar purchased in SL. The head on it is not exactly flat, though, again, I suspect the roundness is from the prims used instead of any intentional effect to make a Roman nose.
- Lucah Solvang had her line of avatars once, and they were also adorable. The faces were more cutesy, like the Little Furs, so the head is very pony-ish, as most have some to know the term. More dished then flat. Certainly not convex.
- Amsel Wombat (I don't believe there was a store name) had a line of zebras. Very cutesy, like Lucah and Little Furs' avatars. However, this head has more of a Roman profile than some others. So, finally, a second convex nose on an anthro.
- And finally, the last I can find, is from a creator named Hydrogen Excelsior, and they are currently running Niramyth, though they once had a brand called ::: 6ixth :::. They had the Unicorna avatar, which was scripted to be able to switch back and forth from a large, anthro alicorn (winged unicorn, pegacorn, whatever term you use) to a half human/half equine form, which was dubbed the Angel form. The face of the alicorn form is much more like a TB/QH than either of the other options.

So there you have it... All those avs, and two anthros with a Roman nose. This is a needed addition to the line.

And that's my look at these heads!

RL :: Lush Wishlist

(Feel free to ignore if you haven't been linked here.)

I need to switch over to something better for my skin and hair, and I've fallen in love with Lush products, so I'm going to make a wishlist here, so I can more easily link people to it.

Ocean Salt
Rub Rub Rub
Sea Vegetable

H'Suan Wen Hua
Fairly Traded Honey
American Cream
Jason And The Argan Oil
Jumping Juniper

Dragon's Egg
Big Blue
Tisty Toasty
Ickle Baby Bot


SL :: Raawr Mustang/Heavy Horse Comparison

So, before I get down to modding the ever living hell out of the new Raawr Mustang/Heavy Horse (it's called both in files), I wanted to share some comparison shots of the head with the older Raawr Horse head. These are taken straight out of the boxes. All I have done is positioned the jaw and then placed them beside each other. I haven't opened Photoshop to crop these down, these are raw screenshots.

Raawr Horse vs Mustang/Heavy Horse
So, starting from the front. The Mustang is on the left, the Horse on the right. Right off the bat, the Horse is much rounder. This makes it look more pony-ish, or you could say the look of the Mustang is more mature. (I hate to call the Horse "childish," because that's not what the look is, but it could be pointed that direction.)

Raawr Horse vs Mustang/Heavy Horse
The profile difference is pretty noticeable here. I used the snap grid to align them and you can see that the mustang head is longer than the horse. Will this cause issue with hair? I haven't seen it do so yet, but I've only tried on a few hairs. Some rigged hairs might not fit as well due to the slip of the Mustang's head.

Raawr Horse vs Mustang/Heavy Horse
he expression is different as well. The horse seems to have a slight "smile" while the Mustang's face is more neutral. I checked the HUDs and what changes with expressions, and what seems to take away the smile on the Horse is the "sad" emote, but there's no other difference with the mouth.

Some other observations I've had:
- The shoes from the Horse fit the Mustang just fine!
- The rigged legs are different so the Horse's alpha cannot be used (there is a large gap if it is). There are also non-rigged and cut feet, like with other Raawr Mesh avatars.
- Related: The fetlock fluff is part of the leg on the Mustang, instead of an additional attachment as on the Horse. This is not removable, but it is on separate faces, so you can make it transparent. If you like the look of the Horse's fetlock fluff, it seems like it will more than likely work on the Mustang, but any textures would need to be modded as they stick out the back of the hock as is. The Mustang's legs are thicker than the horse's so they do "eat" the fetlock at the top.
- There are both rigged and non rigged hands. I don't tend to use hand attachments that come with furry avs, but you have a choice now.
- This jaw attaches to the mouth instead of the chin like the horse.
- It's possibly SL being weird, but I can't get the torso muscles to stop looking like balloons on the female shape. I have modded my Raawr Horse shape in the mean time.
- Both hair and tail textures are blonde instead of grey scale. This could be potentially problematic for folks who just tint tails. I will be doing a greyscale texture for the hair and tail in future mods, or modding the one I've previously made since I got it looking better.

So, there you have it, my quick look at the Mustang before I start modding. I would have had it modded by now, but I had to sleep right after the release party.

Edit: Upon looking at the PSD files, it appears that there were supposed to be shoes with this av? Hmm, perhaps they got left out of the box.


SL :: Also, oops, I forgot.

I have a whole mess of broken pictures on the blog because I have been moving/deleting things. Sorry. ._.; I think I accidentally got my original mod pictures for the Raawr horse when I was cleaning up that gallery. NBD though, I don't actually use that coloration anymore. (In fact, I sold off 5 of my character's alternate colors.)

I said in March of 2014 that I would go over my "latest" coloration, and I apparently never did. Whoops. My life was getting kinda crazy around then, so it's understandable, I hope.

At the end of February, the 18th, judging by upload times on the files in my inventory, I decided to move my character to a "canon" coloration for her. She is from my novel, and this coloration is the one she has at the end of the story.

For a quick backstory, her species, the Delphin, go through what are called "phase shifts." These are physical changes to the individual, usually in the form of fur/hair color, sometimes eye color, and they occasionally gain wings and/or (a) horn/s. These events are brought on by both age (most all Delphin have a shift between 12 and 14 years), and environmental factors. Her cousin, Murial (formerly Nytehawk), had a second shift when she was extremely stressed by a situation she was in, for example.

So, typically, if a Delphin gets a second shift, it's by the time they're in their mid 20s, at the latest. They will typically not experience any later ones.

Unless something severe happens, like a broken horn, or a vampire's bite. (I call them vampires, they are technically not, but it's the easiest term to use.)

The latter definitely happened to Snowhawk the Character (not Sno the mun, I know it's confusing... :p). I'm actually debating on if the first will happen to her, since her horn type changes from her birth type of a straight amethyst core with a silver spiral to Phase 3's smooth, curved type. It would be a good reasoning. ANYWAY.

(First ever colored image of it.)

The coloration I have been using in SL since then is that Phase 3 coloration. I have lots of feels behind this coloration, and it has a lot of meaning behind it. Granted, it's a lot of emo bullshit, but the representation is still there. This is the last canon coloration she has. This is how she looked when the story ends.

So in SL, I've toyed with the idea of roleplaying her. I never really do, I can't take RP as seriously as I used to, and I don't feel that's fair to RP partners, but still... This was how I saw her in my mind.

All other colorations I've used since this one are non-canon. She has three (four if you could the very earliest flash black) colorations in the novel. And the rest are me being bored. And I get bored of them very easily. I've sold all the colorations I've used in SL except this one.


SL has given me a chance to develop characters beyond what I had done before. Even my malt Adian got a new hairstyle! It will be his canon hairstyle after his encounter with a particular character.

I don't know why I'm being vague, no one who reads this will probably ever read my novel. ("Nice and subtle, Sno." Thanks, I try.)

But yeah, I just wanted to post that officially. It's 5:30 in the morning and I should be asleep, but I am fighting it.

SL :: Inventory Clearing...

So, since my last foray into clearing my inventory out, where I inadvertently deleted over 5k items I didn't mean to, I haven't ever actually emptied the trash on an account. And looking at it, that was actually on Misae. I haven't ever cleaned out Snowhawk's inventory.

You can probably imagine, with being on an account for over 5 years, and building and shopping for sales like I do, my inventory is huge.

Starting point of Inventory...


So I've decided to clean it out. It's been more than a year and a half since all the shit happened with Kendi (that I will not go into publicly, but I'll explain in private over SL if you're interested), and that's a lot of stuff that I know I probably won't ever wear again. I could just delete the folder, but there are some outfits in there that I really like, and I'd want to keep them, and some that will never be around SL again. So maybe in the future, I could get over it? Anyway... Time to clean and sort and get rid of crap.

Let's just start at the bottom (oldest) and work our way up...

After several hours, and emptying the trash, I had this...

Just deleting trash...

Not bad.

This is so mindless that you can't do it all at once, so I spent the next bit on ESO.

Then I came back to tackle the White Noise items. I wasn't to that point yet, but I figure I should get it out of the way. I first searched through the Objects folder for outfits I hadn't opened and hadn't moved to the "To Open/Duplicates" folder I had. Then I moved on to boxing everything up. I put the outfits in boxes together, not separating colors/color sets, but that's better than the original idea of "dump it all into one box."

After that, and before emptying the trash, I was left with this...

Clearing out things from White Noise

Damn, that's a shit ton of items. Do I dumped the trash...

Emptying trash again...

Improvement. That's 24,082 items gone. That's almost the whole of Misae's inventory before I tried to clean it.

I still have plenty more to do, sorting and deleting and looking at things going "What the hell was that designer thinking?", I'm only up to June 6, 2010 as far as acquired dates go, but I'm getting there.

... Yay, working! :x


SL :: I made a thing!

Grey Donkey Mod for Raawr Horse

I finally did a mod to sell! :3 I'm going to do several color, I think, but there's was a lack of donkey mods on the Marketplace. So I have decided to try and fix it.

Grey Donkey Mod for Raawr Horse

There's a few more pictures on Flickr, but this is the v1, I'm calling it, of this mod. I'm going to add in a bunch of other textures for other equine mods. Soon. I'm tired rn. Been up all night working on this.

You can find it on the Marketplace here!
You can find it in world here!


Art :: Video!

(YouTube description following)
I streamed this, that's why there's a scrolling message. Just a reminder to folks that I'm actually working and might not see them come into chat.

Shown at 16x Speed.

Working on my webcomic after some pretty frustrating computer issues, and then health issues. (So, hard drive failed, then I fell.)

I'll be doing one mass update to all my comic sites, then very temporarily going on hiatus while I change some things around. A couple characters are getting renamed, and there are going to be a few appearance changes while I'm at it.

Also, this font is not my usual comic font, but the v1 of a personal font. It's not actually ready, but I apparently neglected to re-install the one I actually use when I put everything on the new hard drive. Oops.

I stream on Picarto!
If you'd like to donate to me/my projects, I have a Patreon page, after putting it off for quite a while:
The Tumblr for this webcomic is here:
And to read the comic, minus a few pages that will go up in the mass update in the next few days, you find find it at any of the following:
ComicFury: http://pastsecrets.cfw.me/
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If you're on FurAffinity, you're welcome to follow me there, this gallery is updated most often: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/snowhawk/

Music Used:
Beyond the Stars by Per Kiilstofte
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Ephemeral Reign by Per Kiilstofte
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Sunlight by Per Kiilstofte
4 (10:40):
Streets Of The Unknown by Per Kiilstofte
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Seeking Loot by Aaron Spencer
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Electroids by Jens Kiilstofte
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