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I streamed this, that's why there's a scrolling message. Just a reminder to folks that I'm actually working and might not see them come into chat.

Shown at 16x Speed.

Working on my webcomic after some pretty frustrating computer issues, and then health issues. (So, hard drive failed, then I fell.)

I'll be doing one mass update to all my comic sites, then very temporarily going on hiatus while I change some things around. A couple characters are getting renamed, and there are going to be a few appearance changes while I'm at it.

Also, this font is not my usual comic font, but the v1 of a personal font. It's not actually ready, but I apparently neglected to re-install the one I actually use when I put everything on the new hard drive. Oops.

I stream on Picarto!
If you'd like to donate to me/my projects, I have a Patreon page, after putting it off for quite a while:
The Tumblr for this webcomic is here:
And to read the comic, minus a few pages that will go up in the mass update in the next few days, you find find it at any of the following:
ComicFury: http://pastsecrets.cfw.me/
SmackJeeves: http://pastsecrets.smackjeeves.com/
Blogger: http://past-secrets-novel.blogspot.com/

If you're on FurAffinity, you're welcome to follow me there, this gallery is updated most often: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/snowhawk/

Music Used:
Beyond the Stars by Per Kiilstofte
2 (3:43):
Ephemeral Reign by Per Kiilstofte
3 (6:38):
Sunlight by Per Kiilstofte
4 (10:40):
Streets Of The Unknown by Per Kiilstofte
5 (13:31):
Seeking Loot by Aaron Spencer
6 (16:36):
Electroids by Jens Kiilstofte
7 (18:37):
Queen of the Night by Per Kiilstofte
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

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