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So, Flower released a Roman-nosed version of the Mustang, and since I must have all things horse (even though I'm behind on quad avs), I picked it up. Here's a comparison of the three Raawr equine heads.

Before I start, the Mustang's mods will fit the Roman-nosed version. I have tested this with the Donkey mod.

Raawr equine head comparison
First, a front on view of the three. Horse to the left, standard Mustang in the middle, Roman-nosed Mustang on right.

Raawr equine head comparison
The difference in the profile is pretty striking from the Horse to the Roman-nosed head. It's a nicely filled gap, finally, essentially covering your Arabian-type heads with a pronounced dish, a more typical Quarter Horse or Thoroughbred profile, and then your Draft or Baroque head. The latter I honestly have not seen much in SL, while TB-type heads are most common for anthros. You see the AVentity 2.0 the most (at least I do).

Raawr equine head comparison
And from the other side: Roman-nose Mustang, standard Mustang, and Horse.

Raawr equine head comparison
I thought about ending the look at these heads with that last pic, but I wanted to show off the size differences, so here's the head from the top. Noses are against the front board, Roman-nose Mustang's head is touching the back, and you can see the difference in lengths.

Raawr equine head comparison
This is the Horse head in a slightly transparent box. The edges of the box are just extended past the head enough to not show the head through it. The box's dimensions are:
X 0.26262
Y 0.18082
Z 0.19904

Raawr equine head comparison
And the standard Mustang head in a box. This box's was dragged to the Mustang head from the Horse, and then scaled up to fit. It's dimensions are:
X 0.28691
Y 0.18082
Z 0.20459

Raawr equine head comparison
And finally, the Roman-nose Mustang. Same as above, I drug the box over onto it, and then resized it to fit the head. The dimensions are:
X 0.29871
Y 0.18082
Z 0.20752

Raawr equine head comparison
And another profile look. Roman-nosed Mustang in front, standard Mustang in middle, and Horse on far end.

Raawr equine head comparison
And a reverse of the above.

While I was writing this, I got to thinking: what avs do I have/have I seen that have Roman noses? I concentrated mostly on anthros, but there's some commentary on a few quads in the following.

Listing off head types of avatars I have, and I'm logged on to my alt, Adian (Samiya.Rossini), to look the oldest ones up...
- The very, very old Hoof It! Anthro equines had more of the QH/TB style.
- The AnthroXstacy horse had a very flat profile, but still not a Roman nose.
- The Wingless Horse is, again, more TB-ish.
- Hoof It!'s quad equines all have TB-like faces. The Foal's head was dished, but about to the level you would expect in a foal.
- Water Horse's original sculpted horse had several options. The standard avatar (QH/TB) was available, and for that you could get an Arabian add-on with two heads, one with a smaller muzzle. (Perhaps it just came with it? I can't remember...) So there's three heads, and they did have a Draft head as well, but I'm fairly certain that avatar was separate. The nose on the draft was slightly convex.
- AVentity Equine v1 was more of the TB profile.
- AVentity Equine 2.0 is definitely more Arabian.
- Kinzart Kreetures has two equines: a standard and a draft. I have both and the heads are effectively the same: Flat (like the AX horse) with a slight "stop" (as you would call it on a dog) near the eyes. (The wings on this av are still top notch.)
- I'm going to break out the super old avs here that I don't have on Snowhawk. Once upon a time, there was a creator named White Guildenstern, and they had a store called White Zebra Creations. The account is over 10 years old, and they closed their store before I found it again on Snowhawk so... That should give you an idea of the age of this av. Anyway. I have all of their avatars. 2 horses, a donkey, a unicorn, and two cows. (I'm pretty sure that was all anyway...) All the equines have the same face, and it's a Roman nose. So, finally, an equine anthro with a roman nose!
- Another old av creator is Envi Kanno, who made the "Little Furs" line. These were adorable for the time (little dated now). I have the white Pony, and it's definitely not a Roman nose, though the nose id bulbous.
- Extrovirtual has some Tiny horses, anthro and quad, and if I remember correctly, they used the same head. I have two Tiny quad horses, and they both have a very slight convex profile. I feel this may be more from the prims used though.
- Whinge Languish (of Ninja Weasel Studios) had a unicorn that I to this day still adore. It was my second avatar purchased in SL. The head on it is not exactly flat, though, again, I suspect the roundness is from the prims used instead of any intentional effect to make a Roman nose.
- Lucah Solvang had her line of avatars once, and they were also adorable. The faces were more cutesy, like the Little Furs, so the head is very pony-ish, as most have some to know the term. More dished then flat. Certainly not convex.
- Amsel Wombat (I don't believe there was a store name) had a line of zebras. Very cutesy, like Lucah and Little Furs' avatars. However, this head has more of a Roman profile than some others. So, finally, a second convex nose on an anthro.
- And finally, the last I can find, is from a creator named Hydrogen Excelsior, and they are currently running Niramyth, though they once had a brand called ::: 6ixth :::. They had the Unicorna avatar, which was scripted to be able to switch back and forth from a large, anthro alicorn (winged unicorn, pegacorn, whatever term you use) to a half human/half equine form, which was dubbed the Angel form. The face of the alicorn form is much more like a TB/QH than either of the other options.

So there you have it... All those avs, and two anthros with a Roman nose. This is a needed addition to the line.

And that's my look at these heads!

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