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I have had a side project in SL for a while now: my "favorite child" from my novel, Adian. I announced that I was starting this back on August 13, 2013, then I apparently never updated the blog with further notices about it.

I never even uploaded the screenshots to Flickr, or my FA gallery. I wasn't very happy with them, but since I didn't realize you could use Local textures to test out uploads, I wasn't too keen on the idea of reworking them.

That's a thing, btw, in the Texture window, there are radio buttons, one says local. Click that, then the "Add" button and you can temporarily upload a texture to see how it looks on your prim. And if you re-save it, it will update automatically. Mina from the Moon Kingdom (where my show is) told me this and I think I want to marry her for saving me so many L$ over the past couple weeks.

Anyway, here are the original mods...

Original verison of Adian mod
(Original AVentity mod.)

Adian's Eyes
(Eyes I used in place of the AVentity ones.)

V1 of Raawr Adian mod
(Original Raawr wolf mod. I wasn't at all happy with the textures in the end, and I wound up just mostly using the AVentity mod.)

But now, I have this:
Adian Avatar - 2015
I took a lot more time on the skin. I used the fluffs that I created for the Lab mods, and completely redrew the belly/butt shading. The original belly/butt shading was from my Snowhawk mods, but I just (poorly) smudged the edges, which were very soft. This time, I started with a hard edge, and went around each edge individually.

The tail texture is completely redone, and the "fill" colors are not just flat textures.

Adian Avatar - 2015
If you can't see the detail on the face, click through to Flickr. I used the trick I discovered for texturing the Lab prim parts to make the prim parts not look so flat, but I'm purposefully avoiding looking super realistic. The same technique is used on the face, jaw, ears, and legs.

I left the edges "smoother" on places that would have shorter fur.

But yeah, I'm pretty proud of it now. I want to redo the AVentity leg textures, when I feel like I can be arsed to look at those files again. But for now, pretty happy with this bunch of textures.

I use personal projects to test things, though the Labs got the test for some of these textures. But as far as the skin goes.

You can click through any of the pictures to get to my Flickr gallery, and you'll find more pictures there.

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