SL :: Raawr Mustang/Heavy Horse Comparison

So, before I get down to modding the ever living hell out of the new Raawr Mustang/Heavy Horse (it's called both in files), I wanted to share some comparison shots of the head with the older Raawr Horse head. These are taken straight out of the boxes. All I have done is positioned the jaw and then placed them beside each other. I haven't opened Photoshop to crop these down, these are raw screenshots.

Raawr Horse vs Mustang/Heavy Horse
So, starting from the front. The Mustang is on the left, the Horse on the right. Right off the bat, the Horse is much rounder. This makes it look more pony-ish, or you could say the look of the Mustang is more mature. (I hate to call the Horse "childish," because that's not what the look is, but it could be pointed that direction.)

Raawr Horse vs Mustang/Heavy Horse
The profile difference is pretty noticeable here. I used the snap grid to align them and you can see that the mustang head is longer than the horse. Will this cause issue with hair? I haven't seen it do so yet, but I've only tried on a few hairs. Some rigged hairs might not fit as well due to the slip of the Mustang's head.

Raawr Horse vs Mustang/Heavy Horse
he expression is different as well. The horse seems to have a slight "smile" while the Mustang's face is more neutral. I checked the HUDs and what changes with expressions, and what seems to take away the smile on the Horse is the "sad" emote, but there's no other difference with the mouth.

Some other observations I've had:
- The shoes from the Horse fit the Mustang just fine!
- The rigged legs are different so the Horse's alpha cannot be used (there is a large gap if it is). There are also non-rigged and cut feet, like with other Raawr Mesh avatars.
- Related: The fetlock fluff is part of the leg on the Mustang, instead of an additional attachment as on the Horse. This is not removable, but it is on separate faces, so you can make it transparent. If you like the look of the Horse's fetlock fluff, it seems like it will more than likely work on the Mustang, but any textures would need to be modded as they stick out the back of the hock as is. The Mustang's legs are thicker than the horse's so they do "eat" the fetlock at the top.
- There are both rigged and non rigged hands. I don't tend to use hand attachments that come with furry avs, but you have a choice now.
- This jaw attaches to the mouth instead of the chin like the horse.
- It's possibly SL being weird, but I can't get the torso muscles to stop looking like balloons on the female shape. I have modded my Raawr Horse shape in the mean time.
- Both hair and tail textures are blonde instead of grey scale. This could be potentially problematic for folks who just tint tails. I will be doing a greyscale texture for the hair and tail in future mods, or modding the one I've previously made since I got it looking better.

So, there you have it, my quick look at the Mustang before I start modding. I would have had it modded by now, but I had to sleep right after the release party.

Edit: Upon looking at the PSD files, it appears that there were supposed to be shoes with this av? Hmm, perhaps they got left out of the box.

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