SL :: Some Halloween/Fall-themed jewelry!

I have some new things for Halloween/Fall! I don't have them up on the MP yet, but they're in-world.

Since I don't want to flood this blog post with 20 images of jewelry variations, here's the Flickr album.

Halloween 2015

There is one I want to point out, and it's a freebie!

Freebie for Halloween!
You can pick it up here! (This link is not accessible until October 1!)


SL :: Hunt Gift Previews!

I'm going to be participating in two hunts this October! One will be the Moonie Hunt, and the other is Quest Fur Cover.

For both hunts, I'm trying to cover men and women for gifts.

For the Moonie Hunt, I have some Sailor Scout themed bracelets, and a top hat! :3

Moonie Hunt Preview
(Inner Scouts)

Moonie Hunt Preview
(Top Hat)

And for the QFC Hunt, I have a variation of the Labrador mod! This is a Moasic/Chimera pattern.

Moasic Labrador

If you miss either of these hunts, these items will be available for sale afterward. The lab's future sales, like the other labs, will go to benefit Marie Fairport in her quest to get her Diabetic Alert Dog.