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Wow, I've been busy! I started rewriting my novel, and have been putting all of my creative oomph into that. I'm going to be working on some new donkey mods in SL, as I've been wanting, but for now, I have added the Slink Physique, hand, and foot appliers to the Gery Donkey boxes! (It's one applier for all.)

Mustang :: Horse

I finally remembered to do this when I saw Siddean's post on Plurk announcing the release of the new Physique body. It's so curvy~

I had some L$s saved up from donkey sales (and redelivers to everyone in the list since I updated to CasperVend have been pushed), so I hopped over the Slink and grabbed the demo. Went home, tried the demo on, put the regular body and my dress back on, then went and bought the new one.

Here is the standard Physique, next to the Hourglass one...

Slink Physique Comparison

Slink Physique Comparison

The same shape is used on both of those. It's my current default, and wow, dat ass.

Obviously, there aren't many clothes fitted for it yet, but appliers from the Standard body work. I was about to load up the personal applier again, when I remembered that I had the dev kit for skins (and clothes and shoes), so I used my personal skin to test the creation process. That was easy enough, so it now resides in my inventory. I did the grey donkey while I was at it.

Yay curves!

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