SL :: Ribbon Choker, version 2!

I finally went back and remade one of my first collars/chokers.

Ribbon Chokers, v2
The Ribbon Collar has been updated! I'm selling 4 packs of 10, and one set of 8. In each pack you'll get two free.

Here are the ads...

Ribbon Choker, version 2

Ribbon Choker, version 2

Ribbon Choker, version 2

Ribbon Choker, version 2

Ribbon Choker, version 2

I also updated my store logo! The original was doodled out in about 5 minutes when I first started my store more than five years ago.

Updated Store Logo!

Now, I need to get back to writing and arting! These will be available in-world when the Moon Kindgom reopens, but I'll add to this post once I have them on the Marketplace.

The Moon Kingdon is reopen, so here's the SLURL!


SL :: I Helped Hunt! (Quick post)

So, the I Helped Hunt, which I have donated some items for, has been featured on Happy Hunting TV!

Take a look here: https://happyhuntingtv.wordpress.com/2015/11/07/happy-hunting-episode-120-hauntings-of-halloween-past/

You can find more information for the hunt on the Hunt SL blog or on Marie's blog. Happy hunting!


SL :: Store Update!

The Moon Kingdom did a slight rearranging, so my store's SLURL has moved! Additionally, I've gotten an upgrade! My store is now two floors, and more prims! I just have to make things to put up there.

D'Amantru Industries - Nov 4, 2015

I have two lucky chairs out there now, and increased the sizes of my vendors. :3

Here's the store, and the new SLURL~! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ZI%20Mystic%20Moonlight/76/109/27

Edit: Oh wait, I forgot they're not re-opened yet. waiting on the other vendors to get back. :3 I will post when that's official!

In the mean time! Go to ~XM~ Designs! Marie is hosting a "Pay What You Want" Hunt called the "I HELPED HUNT"  so she can raise funds to get a service dog! Check out her blog here, with hints and pictures of the hunt items. There will also be a silent auction on the 28th of November. You can find items from my store in the hunt and auction (including a giftcard in a tier that I do not sell).