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I've waited a while to post this, and it's been a few months since the last incident, but I don't understand why people get mad at you for camming at them when they are standing in public areas of the same parcel. This usually happens when I'm out shopping.

Sure, LL has made it so people on other parcels can't see you, and you can't see them, if that option is turned on. But like... if I'm looking at furry avs, and I see something, be it an avatar or an outfit or hair, I'm going to cam over at you and figure out wtf it is.

This is why I have 87k items!

I remember some years back when folks, especially those that wore copy-botted items, would wear anti-inspection devices, which just pushed up their ARC count and were easily de-rendered anyway. I don't cam up or down on avatars, since different levels of a parcel are often building or residential, but if you're in a shopping area, and you have something neat on, don't get mad when someone looks at you.

That's kind of one of the points of SL anyway. Attention whoring. >__>

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