SL :: Gift Card Sale!

Starting now!

All L$ gift cards are 20% off and will remain so until Monday night/whenever I remember to set them back.

Store Locations:
Moon Kingdom
Furry Fashion


SL :: Withdrawing from QFC

Between my personal life being as hectic as it is and new workings for the hunt this round (as well as it seems like the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing), I'm not comfortable with being in this time. I may not even have SL access for the first week-ish... you know, when problems show up.

I could honestly go on, but I won't at this point since I'm still kind of frustrated with the hunt from a few rounds back, and how problem stores have been handled.

The products I posted a few days ago will be set out for free for a short time, once I have more of a set to go along with it. There will be various sets/pieces for sale. Everything will be released at the same time, and a notice will be posted here.


SL :: QFC Hunt - Fall 2016

Also, tfw you screw up and forget to double check that the texture on your Spring hunt gift is correct...

That one is fixed and in the shop as a freebie now. It's also been sent out for group members and subscribers. For the Fall... I'm doing something similar...

To the right is the Fall hunt version of the necklace. I put in the choker and key necklace separates, and together, as well as putting in a transfer version of the key necklace. This is an "I'm sorry I screwed up in Spring, here's what it SHOULD look like, just with a different stone."

To the left is something sort of new... it's similar to the horn decoration I wear on my avatar, with my horn though it's been modified to have... well, you'd have to read the story bit I include to understand the stone. I'm kind of doing some self promo for my novel here.

I will likely be including a ring, and possibly more jewelry bits. I just need to rework some things, and real life has been sillycrazybusy.


SL :: Ombre Swimsuit

I needed a swimsuit for my furry self that was more on the PG side. And not boring. And didn't look dumb with my tail. So I made this, then converted it for everyone else, since I've moved my tail around a bit... Other colors may come!

Find it here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Ombre-Swimsuit-PinkPurple/8617021

Copy/Mod clothing layers (Slink applier Copy only). L$60.


SL :: Changes in (the) store!


Rearranged the store a bit. Freethings and the lucky chairs and MM boards are back on the ground floor. I added another chair, with a different profile (and newer things). The blue chair is group only.

The vendors that were on that wall are upstairs now.

Also! In February, I will be participating in the Sofa Surfer Hunt. I'll post about that once it's live, but there's the blog link!

I have lots of things on the plate to get done. Just need to figure out the execution to do them. More updates later!


SL :: Reopened!

We are officially reopened! I'm a few days late on getting this message out, as I was moving across many states when it happened...

But, to celebrate, there are new items in the store!



More new things to come! Here's the new SLURL!


SL :: Product remakes...

Way back on June 2, 2010 (five and a half years ago), I posted about one of my earliest creations: a halter for the Kani Pony mod. I went on to modify that base for every other halter I've made since.


I'm rebuilding it from the ground up. That is all mesh, except the root prim. I'm going to discontinue versions that haven't sold, or are for avatars that are just not around anymore. I will probably not remake the Kani version, unless it's only for myself (though I don't really even wear my Kani Pony anymore). There's not really a point in building for equine avatars that aren't being used.

The versions I will remake are for the three Raawr heads (Horse/Pony, Heavy Horse, and Mustang), the AVentity, and the three sizes I had for the [EP] Pony.

I will also have some other styles in the works.

The planned launch for at least this version will be when the Moon Kingdom officially reopens in it's new home. Keep an eye on the Shiro Tsuki Facebook for more info, in case I get distracted and forget to update here. (Or I'm between NY and TX, since I'm moving in RL very, very soon...)