SL :: Product remakes...

Way back on June 2, 2010 (five and a half years ago), I posted about one of my earliest creations: a halter for the Kani Pony mod. I went on to modify that base for every other halter I've made since.


I'm rebuilding it from the ground up. That is all mesh, except the root prim. I'm going to discontinue versions that haven't sold, or are for avatars that are just not around anymore. I will probably not remake the Kani version, unless it's only for myself (though I don't really even wear my Kani Pony anymore). There's not really a point in building for equine avatars that aren't being used.

The versions I will remake are for the three Raawr heads (Horse/Pony, Heavy Horse, and Mustang), the AVentity, and the three sizes I had for the [EP] Pony.

I will also have some other styles in the works.

The planned launch for at least this version will be when the Moon Kingdom officially reopens in it's new home. Keep an eye on the Shiro Tsuki Facebook for more info, in case I get distracted and forget to update here. (Or I'm between NY and TX, since I'm moving in RL very, very soon...)

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