SL :: I actually finished a project!

I was determined to finish this one.

As I've previously said, I just love halters on my horse avs. The Uchi Pony... Does not have any made. So I put one together.


Most of the chains are from a kit from [NOVA]. The remaining prims are regular, trusty torus prims, pulled and squished in various ways.

I made it VERY close fitting. My av's muzzle is slightly thinner than the standard size, as well as having taken the cheeks down a bit. But I should be able to scale it up to fit an av that's basically *remove Kani nose, add pony muzzle.*

I've not been this active in SL since I started, and I think this is considerably more than that, since I'd never actually built anything from scratch like this, and my modification ability was... well... undeveloped. I will add some actual textures soon, but for now, it's shiny leather.

I guess I'm finally starting to make the shit I should have made years back. :p

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