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It should be no secret that I am a nerd and love me some anime. One of the first to get me into anime, like many Americans, was the DIC dub of Sailor Moon. There's some good nostalgia there still, even if they were awful. So, with the re-release of the uncensored version on Hulu, and then the release of Crystal, I've got those nostalgia goggles strapped on fairly tight.

Over the years, I have, on a few occasions, drawn both Snowhawk and Nytehawk as Senshi. Hell, when my hair was long enough, I wore odango.

But now, I'm on SL. And I just happened to be browsing through the marketplace, looking for a particular Sailor Moon-related thing. And I came across a store called Shiro Tsuki.

I visited the in-world store, and found a spring version of the basic fuku for just L$50. I needed an outfit for an event at the Fairports the next night, so I grabbed it and was pleasantly surprised at the quality. system textures and attachments, but well done. And you can't deny the appeal of flexi-prims for some skirts. I had grabbed the info for custom orders while at the store, so the next day, I filled it out. I sent the notecard off a little before 3:30pm SLT, and got a response back a little before 7:30pm SLT. In approximately 15 minutes, details were finalized, and I logged off a bit later. About an hour after finalizing details, the creator contacts me and says my outfit is done.

I sent a reply via email back saying I would be at work all day, but I would get in touch when I got home. So I worked today, and then got home and fired off an IM to them. I confirmed the amount, and paid them, and I got my outfit. I switched over to my unicorn (as I'd been in the Raawr fennec), and wore/attached all the pieces. It was awesome! Better than expected, and certainly better than I could have done myself. Now, granted most of this was a re-color/re-texture, but I still appreciated the ease of the whole process. Instructions on the notecard for orders were clear, communication was STELLAR, and turnaround time could not be beaten.

The custom color fuku, with my requests, was L$500. I sent a more than 50% tip as well, because of all the reasons above. One off the wall at the shop of this type (excluding the seasonal ones) are L$200 for your basic type, and $250 for Crisis style.

Overall, I cannot recommend them enough if you are looking for a custom fuku. Try one of the seasonal ones if you aren't sure about fit. I had to slightly adjust the choker (typical) and skirt (also typical, my av's ass and hips are huge).

But, yeah, here's what I got, based off my original art, and my Senshi Maker reference.

Sailor... Snowhawk :x
Sailor... Snowhawk :x
Sailor... Snowhawk :x
Sailor... Snowhawk :x

My original art, with Crisis-style shoulders...
Old Art...

DollDivine version, also with Crisis-style shoulders instead of the Saturn-styled ones I requested (this is due to a limitation of the doll maker)
(Senshi Maker link)

I have found and textured boots, in two colors. Trying to decide if I want the stockings or not. Not a big deal either way.

But yeah, awesomeness.

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