SL :: Snowhawk av update

This thing will be a work in progress for a long time, me thinks...

Update - 1
So I poked at it a little more today. One of the things that had been bothering me was how tall my av was, and, as I've mentioned, I prefer a shorter avatar. I pulled off the top few prims of the hoof so it would sit lower on my foot. I understand why Meph did the foot the way she did but... Not preferred for me. (I tend to forget to take off shoe bases, or I'll accidentally replace them.)

Update - 2
I'll eventually find an equine or other ungulate leg that I like (thinking maybe the leg on the DSD ram), but for now I have a re-textured leg from the Tokushi Chinese Crested. Super fluffy! <3 (That texture isn't the greatest, but I'm half asleep and did it in like 10 minutes. x_x)

Update - 3
While pulling parts from the Chinese Crested, I decided to try the arm fluff from it. Really like how cute it is, so, she gets that too. :3

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