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It should come as no surprise that I am constantly on the lookout for how to improve my avatar. I am also indecisive as fuck when it comes to how she looks. So I'm going to (re) share some of the past looks she's had, starting with my first mod.

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So this is the one that started it all.. I had very little clue of what the fuck I was doing, and, let's be real, it's not a very good mod. The original Aventity horse was more of a bitch to mod than the new version, and when you're trying to do it without any kind of UV map... x_x But it's the start of it all. This was the day after my birthday, February 6, in 2010. This is 7 years old. You can find the original post about it here.
The next major update came when I found out about the Kani Pony Muzzle. Most people in SL met me with some variation of this head. This was May 29, 2010. So this is also coming up on 7 years old. This is the favorite head I've ever used, and I am still using a variation of it to this day. You can also see the first use of the Invisible Designs horn. I have used it ever since. Original post link here.
 I did some minor updates on it over the next few months, so the next couple pictures and post links (if applicable) will be those.
Post link, from June 7, 2010. This sheet is from an update on August 26, 2010.
I either didn't make a post about these, or I didn't tag it, but this and the next are with the legs from Eversky Aeon, and her 2.0 hooves. This and the next are from sometime around January 2, 2011.
This was a sort of random thing, when I was feeling not my best. I also wanted to play around with making a dark skin, so this kind of covered both bases. Again, no post, apparently... Flickr has a date of December 3, 2010 for the version of this coloration with the previous legs and hooves. I either never did a turnaround for the older legged version, or it's has been lost to computer moves.
One year after the original mod, on February 6, 2011, I switched to using the legs from the DSD ram. I would continue to use primarily these legs, except with the Raawr horse, and until the damn things made my avatar complexity shoot through the roof. No turnaround done for these, and there's that weird ass line on the right that my old laptop was doing... But here's the original post about them.
On February 11, 2011, I briefly left my Kani Pony as my horse of choice, and started wearing the Aventity 2.0. ... Then I realized how much of a bitch it was to retexture.

I know I was wearing the dark version, with the modded DSD ram legs, into July 2011, as there's a post in which I was updating the turn around for it. This was mostly because I had decided to change the hair color from white to this bluey-black.
August 20, 2011, I posted this to my Flickr. I was, for whatever reason, being a bad blogger and not posting anything. For some reason, I reposted it on Sept 25, 2011. But it wouldn't be the first or last repost I've made to that gallery! I was still flipping back and forth between the two colorations, because
there are pictures of me in my garden on the land in Mena Serena in the dark version.
February 11, 2012, I posted this to Flickr. It should look familiar, if you've known me for a while. This little Pony doodle, as a test of my adoptable base, was the start of the most "me" coloration I've ever done in SL.
And there is is. February 18, 2012. This is what I called my "Purple Bay."
February 26, 2012, I made the turnaround/reference sheet for her. Again, I was being a shitty blogger and didn't make a post to chronicle the history. I liked this look so much, it became my character's appearance outside of SL. I actually did her first ever actual reference sheet, based off of it, in May of 2012. I think that was the first thing I fully completed on my new PC. Using the technique I figured out in Paint Tool SAI on the linked picture, I made the dapples I've had in my store (and used on my avatar at times) ever since.
There was some weirdness in there... This was August 3, 2013, so it's been like a year and a half in this coloration at this point. I'd later swap those droopy ears out for the Aventity wolf ones, and go full doge. I started playing around with mesh bodies soon after this, since those were becoming a thing that was happening.
I mean, I became candycorn for a short time... Shit was getting weird.
I even toyed around with being a Friendship is Magic styled Pony. She was this coloration as it was easiest to make fit that body, before I got into ever texturing it. And I never did. (Explanation below...)
November 1, 2013, the Raawr horse was released. I had it retextured before the release party was over. I did actually make a post, but as I've gotten irritated with Raawr and DSD since, those pics came down. That texture job wasn't my best but... I wouldn't have to live with it long.
At the very end of 2013, I had a really bad fight with my then friend and the owner of White Noise, Kendrix Darkstone. In the 3+ years since, I have realized what this was, in large part, spurred on by my now ex-fiance. Still. I fucked up. I really regret it now, more than I did then. I've sent an apology over SL, but she has not logged on in quite some time. I don't know if I should press the issue further. Still, this set me into a pretty awful state, so I changed my avatar to match how I felt.
In February of 2014, I made the decision to make some life changes. I changed up my SL avatar once again, going to the "canon" coloration for the character in my novel, towards the end when she's going through the worst part of her life. But she comes out in the end.
Notice, I'm still not really blogging here. I didn't change much of this avatar over the next while. I added the Blunderforge "Dat Lip" because, let's face it, that bare face is way too plain. Life was about to get crazy.
Before it did, I took a stab at modding the Aventity equine again. Went about as well as could be expected. I also bought my first mesh body part add on: the Lolas Tango breasts. That did, for some reason, warrant a blog post.
At the end of May, 2014, I packed up as much of my shit as my car and my step-dad's truck could carry, and left my fiance of 8 years. Abusive relationships are the fucking worst, and no one deserves to feel like they have to stay in one.

After getting back home, and setting up camp on my childhood friend's couch, I started my life over. ... I didn't feel that I needed to update my avatar just yet. So I threw together a reference for her, with the nice mesh boobs, and my new partner's stamp on her ass. I wrote a post in August of 2014 about the coloration, sorta.
There was really not a major update or change to the avatar until I moved away from using the Raawr head (because, seriously guys, fucking listen to your customers), save the ears as I haven't found a replacement I really like. This was in January of 2016. I mashed the Moufette muzzle onto the Chinchilla head. It's not perfect, they aren't supposed to be mashed together, but I've never been able to make the muzzle fit the moufette head.
I slowly added mesh parts. I added the Slink hands, and then the Slink body. I was never able to get the Blunderforge lip to fit the muzzle, but the Donut Steel one more than workable. Note, I'm still using the DSD Ram legs here. This would be the last update with them.
January of 2017, almost 3 years later, I finally decided to update my avatar a little bit. There had been some huge life changes. I had moved from my home state of Tennessee, to western New York, then to central Texas, with another move back to NY on the horizon, because fucking shit Austin is expensive. I'd had a baby (!!). I'd lost my father after a very short battle with cancer. It was time for some updates. I pulled in some hints of the 2012 version. For some reason, the retexture on the DSD legs almost doubled my avatar complexity, so I ditched them and temporarily used the Aventity legs.
Was I done? Hell no. I've been missing my old coloration. I see my SL avatar as being both an extension of me and how I feel, as well as being very fluid. Ever changing. Plus, damnit, my store is called "Purple Pony Creations." Do any of those old colorations since December of 2013 look purple to you? (They are, but only technically being in that range.) Time to pull out some old tricks.

But wait. I sold those old colorations to help fund my getting the fuck out of my abusive relationship.

wat do!?

Remake it, that's what. Better this time. So while this is not complete, I have some work to do on the leg markings, and I want to add in more influence from the swirly original, here is the latest version of my avatar.

I have toned down the body shape some, just slightly, but only because my AO clips terribly.

Fucking welcome back, SLSno.

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